Coffee Industry Corporation (CIC)

CBB infestation increasing

The number is still increasing from the initial 12 gardens identified since March 2017.

The total area of coffee infested with the pest in EHP is estimated to be around 380 hectares, with only 71.9 ha rehabilitated to date.

Coffee Industry Corporation (CIC) chief executive officer, Charles Dambui, said ongoing efforts on rehabilitation and awareness must continue and acknowledged the government’s support of K5 million for CBB fight in the supplementary budget.

Impact project transparent: CIC

The chief executive officer of Coffee Industry Corporation (CIC), Charles Dambui, praised the PPAP modality while welcoming the 13th World Bank-led implementation support mission to Goroka on 4 October, 2017. The mission included officials from IFAD (International Fund for Agricultural Development), GoPNG reps from DAL and Treasury. They met with CIC-PPAP team to discuss progress of coffee rehabilitation in the country.

“We had some coffee development programs funded by donors but this (PPAP) is one of our impact projects.

CIC hosts consultation on guidelines

The forum is the fourth of a nationwide discussion on improving the underlying parameters for the integrity and function of the industry over the last 41 years, and sustaining the industry operational efficiency and viability up until the present day.  

General manager for industry operations, Steven Tumae, says the last review on the RPGs was carried out in 1976.

He added that regulating and reviewing guidelines was part and parcel to make it relevant to current changes facing the industry.

Double blow for coffee farmers

The recent downturn in coffee prices is now placing even more pressure on growers affected by the pest, which has significantly reduced kilograms of coffee for sale.

According to Kina, prices for coffee fell by 4.7 per cent during the month.

This means that not only will the CBB pest reduce the number of kilograms of coffee beans sold but at a much lower price.

Coffee Industry Corporation (CIC) Grower and Research Services, General Manager, Dr. Mark Kenny, tells Loop PNG that growers are very worried and concerned but have been very receptive.

​Officers urged to put farmers first

“If you focus on the pay you will lose focus on the job. You’re here to serve the farmers,” says Project Manager Potaisa Hombunaka to 42 officers currently attending a training at SIL Ukarumpa in the Aiyura Valley, Eastern Highlands Province.

CBB fight facing funding issues

As continued efforts are being made into the fourteenth week of operations, the organisations are afraid that it will not be long until both run low on funds in the next two weeks.

This concern was raised on Wednesday, May 17th, during the first National Emergency Response Committee (NERC) meeting in Goroka, Eastern Highlands Province.

Japanese delegation impressed with PNG coffee

The delegation, comprising of specialist coffee connoisseurs, represented some leading coffee roasting, brewing and cafeteria chains in major metropolises in Japan.

The eleven-man team, comprising of 9 males and 2 females, was made possible courtesy of MG Corporation (MGC) of Japan, a major partner of the Coffee Industry Corporation (CIC) and one of PNG’s specialty coffee importers.

Stop following intending candidates for free money: Leader

Upper-Lower LLG council president from Kerowagi District, Chimbu, and Deputy Governor, James Kendeyagl, issued the challenge during the recent signing of the K5 million partnership with the Coffee Industry Corporation (CIC).

“It shows one thing, you’re are lazy person,” continues Kendeyagl.

“I urge you to return to your coffee gardens to live a sustainable and honest life

Chimbu farmers get K5 million deal

The deal was signed between CIC’s Productive Partnerships in Agriculture Project (PPAP) and partners, CDA Gumini (K2.9m), and Tribal Aromas Ltd (K2.1m), in Kundiawa, Chimbu, on November 1.

Co-partners representing the farmers were also parties to the agreement, committing themselves to take part in coffee rehabilitation work. The activities include improving their rundown coffee gardens, setting up nurseries to raise coffee seedlings and improving post-harvest practices in cluster groups.

CIC announces K32.2m for coffee rehabilitation

The agreements under call 4 proposals will see current and new private sector firms or organisations partner coffee component of Productive Partnerships in Agriculture Project (PPAP) to help farmers improve their coffee gardens with appropriate practices and training.

The project is aimed at improving coffee yield and quality which has declined over the years. At the farmers’ level, it means more income to improve their wellbeing.

The 19 new partnerships will cover additional 15,606 households totalling 7,803 hectares.