Coffee Berry Borer

VIDEO: CBB frightening

This is so that there is enough money to continue the fight in containing the destructive Coffee Berry Borer.
In the words of the new Minister for Agriculture and Livestock, Benny Allan, the situation has become frightening.
It now comes down to getting more funding to get the necessary measures in place to stop the pest from reaching other coffee growing regions.


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VIDEO: Coffee berry borer update

In the Asaro valley of Eastern Highlands Province, a team of extension officers have been pruning coffee trees, spraying insecticide and carrying out cherry stripping on coffee trees for the last two months.

Chief Executive Officer of the Coffee Industry Corporation Charles Dambui, expressed concerns on latest reports provided by its technical team that CBB infested gardens had jumped to a whopping 67 gardens from initial 16 gardens in the Asaro area since March.

CIC await CBB sample results

General Manager Grower and Research Services, Dr Mark Kenny, told Loop PNG  that samples of the CBB pest were sent to the University of Florida almost two months ago.

He said they are yet to receive results from their international partner.

Dr Kenny added the National Agriculture and Quarantine Inspection Authority (NAQIA) haa also sent samples to their international partners and are also awaiting results.

40 percent of coffee volume threatened by pest

Minster for Agriculture and Livestock said it was the government’s intention not to let this happen.

The discovery of the CBB pest, the supply of coffee from the Highlands region is expected to drop following the announcement of a quarantining of the pest from six provinces.

The developments come at a tome when coffee exports were on the rise and with good coffee prices.

Tomscoll said 1.13 million bags of coffee were exported last year. This translated into K650 million entering the country.

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Six provinces quarantined with coffee berry borer

Minister for Agriculture and Livestock, Tommy Tomscoll, announced today that he has invoked provisions of law to start the process of quarantining the provinces is to ensure the spread of the CBB pest is contained.

The six provinces include Jiwaka, Chimbu, Enga, Eastern, Southern, and Western Highlands.

“Our officers will post checkpoints at various locations in these provinces and they will do searches to ensure you are not transporting the disease from disease infested areas into near areas.