coach Michael Marum

SP Hunters on break

The 2019 SP Hunters training camp started off with 60 players mid-November.

By the end of November, the club announced the release of eleven players for personal reasons, failing medical /fitness tests and ruled out with injuries after week one of the pre-season training sessions in Port Moresby.

Fifty players remained after Coach Michael Marum added Jack Oii from Magani club, in the POMRFL competition, to the squad.

After week 2 of the SP Hunters pre-season training, six more players were released.

More players released from SP Hunters

Coach Michael Marum said training is getting intensive and the different methods they underwent showed these six players were carrying injuries and therefore have been released.

The six players released with injury concerns are:

  1. Maya Clark
  2. John Stanley
  3. Kong Mogan
  4. Raphael Robert
  5. Jerome Mura
  6. Swahzer Kandaki

Marum has added Jerry Teme from Hela Wigmen to the pre-season training squad.

This leaves 45 players in the train on squad.

The squad will be trimmed to 30 by December 23, 2018.

11 released from Hunters squad

The players are:

1. Muka Peter Kalu - Medical/Fitness

2. William Aquila - Personal

3. Kennedy Ben - Medical / Fitness

4. Edwin Ipape - Personal

5. Weser Tenza - Injuries

6. Joejoe Walamus - Injuries

7. Dickson Pipi - Medical/Fitness

8. Baddy Jack - Medical/Fitness

9. Thompson Gallen - Medical/Fitness

10. Livai Andrew - Injuries

11. Chris Gor - Medical/Fitness

Coach Michael Marum has added Jack Oii from Magani club in the POMRFL competition to the squad.

Page excluded in Kumuls squad

Coach Michael Marum said this during the team’s announcement.

Marum added that Kurt Baptiste also missed out due to niggling injuries.

Marum said it was a tough decision for Page, who asked not to be included in the squad due to personal commitments.

“Luke Page really wanted to play but the last time he missed eight weeks, he missed out a lot on his work so, while he is playing he’s also employed and got a job there, so he’s asked if he can be considered for the next games so I’ve allowed him to do that.”

Hunters maintain focus on defense

Hukula said Coach Michael Marum has been emphasizing on line speed, which the team has been successfully implementing.

Line speed involves players or defenders working together as a straight line.

Discrepancies in speed will create gaps that the attacking team can easily exploit.

The SP PNG Hunters have won their past 4 games because of strong defense. 

Speaking to this newsroom after their round 21 match in Brisbane, SP PNG Hunters Assistant Coach, Nigel Hukula, said: “It was good to see consistency over the last couple of weeks, in particular with defense.

Coach Marum impressed

He mentioned this after their arrival at the Jackson’s International Airport this afternoon.

It was a great win yesterday and the SP PNG Hunters have achieved their goal of getting into the top 6.

Coach Michael Marum said though there were a lot of errors during the game, the boys had defended well.

“We’re focusing on our defense all throughout the past 3 or 4 weeks,” he stated.

“In the last 4 games we only allowed our opposition to score not more than 2 tries.”

William Mone 18th man

Coach Michael Marum said those players carrying injuries/illnesses passed fitness and medical tests.

The 18 man team is:

  1. Edene Gebbie
  2. Junior Rau
  3. Thompson Teteh
  4. Adex Wera
  5. Brendon Gotuno
  6. Ase Boas          -              Captain
  7. Watson Boas
  8. Enock Maki
  9. Wartovo Puara Jnr
  10. Moses Meninga
  11. Nixon Put
  12. Willie Minoga
  13. Stanton Albert


Hunters looking to exact revenge

The Magpies have previously defeated the Hunters during their round 7 challenge at the National Football Stadium in April.

It was the April 22nd home game that the host team was looking to get the upper hand. Unfortunately for them, the Magpies walked away with an 8-point victory.

13 games later, the SP PNG Hunters will be meeting the Souths Logan Magpies again, but this time at the Magpies’ turf at Davies Park, Brisbane.

“We have a good record at Davies Park. Played all our games there and won it so that’s the advantage there,” says Coach Michael Marum.

Hunters were not determined to win: Coach

Speaking at the post-match conference after the round 17 clash, a disappointed coach Marum admitted that more work needs to be done before their next game.

Though the Dolphins were the first to record a try in yesterday’s match at the National Football Stadium, the SP PNG Hunters came from behind to lead 14-12 at half-time.

However, a return from second half saw the visiting team dominate the game, resulting in an 8-point margin win for them.

“We had all the opportunity, we had the wind behind us…the attitude of the players was just not good,” said Marum.

Ase Boas yet to regain form

The five-eighth will be leading the SP PNG Hunters in tomorrow’s match, and Coach Michael Marum says the only concern is his level of fitness.  

Boas returns to captain the SP PNG Hunters in round 16 of the Intrust Super Cup competition tomorrow afternoon.

However, more work needs to be done by the 29-year-old.  

Coach Michael Marum said Boas is carrying a bit more weight, which is unfavourable for half backs.

“Your half backs should be around 80, 85 or 86 kilos and they can run and be in the game all throughout,” Marum stated.