Civil Aviation Safety Authority (CASA)

Madang Airport Boosts Fire Fighters

The nine officers comprises of seven males and two females graduated recently in Madang as fully-fledged ARFF officers after completing a series of training since March 2021.

The addition of the new officers has boosted the strength of ARFF officers in Madang Airport from 11 to 20.

NAC Acting Chief Operating Officer, Alex Auga said, “These officers coming on board will boost ARFF staff capability at Madang Airport to meet the CASA requirements.

First PNGean to be a CASA-certified drone pilot

Wanpis, from Masahet Island in the Lihir group, and East New Britain parentage, was recently certified by the Civil Aviation Safety Authority (CASA).

Louis Wanpis is a survey technician with Newcrest Lihir (Lihir Gold Limited) since 2016, attached with the survey team within the Projects and Engineering department.

New rules to address drones


Speaking to Loop PNG, CASA Executive Manager Safety Regulation, Rueben O’Conner, says the regulations are aimed to minimise safety risks posed by drones.

O’Connor says the increasing use of different types of drones in the country is inevitable and proper regulation needs to be established. Currently there is no regulatory framework in place.

CASA is now inviting the general public and stakeholders in the aviation industry to respond to a proposed amendment to CASA safety rule 101 and the proposed new safety rule 102 regarding drones.

CASA, AIC to sign deal

The MoU aims to provide clarity on investigations carried out by both entities dealing with aircraft accidents.

Under the Civil Aviation Act, the roles and responsibilities of the AIC and the CASA are defined. However, at operational level, there is a fine line between the investigations carried out by the AIC and that of CASA PNG.

The MoU also facilitates closer cooperation between the two entities in common areas such as sharing resources and aviation safety training.