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CPL apologises for ‘no bilum’ notice

Stop N Shop at Central Waigani, Port Moresby, had a notice showing a red ‘X’ on the image of a bilum and a green tick on a handbag.

A picture of this sign was circulated on social media during the weekend and has received numerous negative reactions from the public.

One of them was Florence Jaukae Kamel, also known as the ‘bilum meri’.

Kamel said this was very disappointing and described it as discriminatory, being that bilums are an identity.

CPL, in a statement, has apologised for the manner in which the message was undertaken.

Stop N Shop Kone launched

 City Pharmacy sales manager David Bell said a soft launch was done on Monday but today is the official launching of the shop, where all sections within the building will be open by this afternoon for customers.

“With opening of the Harbour City Stop N Shop, we will now have about nine operating shops in the city,” Bell said.

“It is one of our biggest SNS shops around the city compared to the Central Waigani one, and the prices are reasonable like any other Stop N Shop shops in the city.”

Cost of doing business results in drop in profit: CPL

CPL board chairman Mahesh Patel, in the company’s financial year annual report, stated that despite a sales increase from K401.11 million to K462.08 million last year, the company annual income dropped.

“Net profit after tax for the parent company was K7.35 million (2014: K7.55 million), whilst the group net profit after tax was K6.56 million (2014: K6.91 million).

“The drop was because the cost of doing business increased by 9.4 million, resulting in a negative impact on profitability,” Patel said.