Citizenship Advisory Committee (CAC)

CAC Recommences Hearings

“The recommencing of the CAC hearings is encouraging after the last one was held in September 2019. The Committee was unable to meet since then due to legislative and political factors affecting the status of the CAC members.

“This issue has been resolved and the permanent members of the Committee were sworn in by the Head of State at the Government House on 7th and 21st April,” said Kramer.

Committee to deliberate on citizenship applications

This will include West Papuans, said Chief Migration Officer Solomon Kantha.

Kantha announced this when meeting the newly-appointed Citizenship Advisory

Committee Chairman, Francis Maneke, Member for Talasea Open, and Deputy

Chair Koi Trape, Member for Mul-Baiyer, at the Immigration and Citizenship Authority (ICA) Office in Port Moresby recently.