New Zealand to ban cigarettes for future generations

Anyone born after 2008 will not be able to buy cigarettes or tobacco products in their lifetime, under a law expected to be enacted next year.

"We want to make sure young people never start smoking," Health Minister Dr Ayesha Verall said.

The move is part of a sweeping crackdown on smoking announced by New Zealand's health ministry on Thursday.

Doctors and other health experts in the country have welcomed the "world-leading" reforms, which will reduce access to tobacco and restrict nicotine levels in cigarettes.

Police: Over 1,000 cartons of fake cigarettes discovered

The containers were seized during a raid at the Motukea International Terminal.

National Drug and Vice Squad (NDVS) members confirmed the products’ authenticity, or rather the lack of it, during a quality check of the containers.

NDVS Sergeant Thomas Moiyang confirmed that the two containers contained a total of 1,454 cartons of counterfeit cigarettes.

Sergeant Moiyang explained that the containers were 40 and 20 footers. The 40 footer contained 1,004 cartons of cigarettes whilst the 20 footer contained 450 cartons.

Chinese with contraband fined K40,000

The Waigani District Court, in issuing the fine, gave the man 7 days to pay or face jail time of 4 years with hard labour.

Instances of smuggled goods and fake products is becoming rampant in the country, where the state loses out in revenue that should be paid in taxes and customs duties.

Recently the state was defrauded revenue of more than K1.7 million in duties and tax, when Lin Zhong, a man from Fujian province, smuggled and was found in possession of 418 cartons of double happiness cigarettes in a 20ft container.

Another suspect in cigarette robbery caught

Suspect Ishmael Omohae, 41, from Aivau village, Ihu District in Gulf Province, was caught conveying cartons of the stolen cigarettes on 21 January 2019 in a white CRV motor vehicle.

This happened two days after Choulai Wholesale at Badili reported that their delivery truck loaded with 150 cartons of Cambridge cigarettes worth K1.5 million was allegedly held up by criminals in a dark blue five door and a brown ten seater, who stole all the cartons of cigarettes.

PNG’s growing counterfeit industry

This is not the first, and sadly, not the last of incidents where counterfeit goods pass right under the noses of those who are supposed to be protecting the borders, and citizens, of PNG.

A large, white warehouse containing cigarettes of unknown origin, including manufacturing equipment, was uncovered at the Kennedy Estate through a month-long surveillance.

National Drug and Vice Squad investigator, Thomas Moiyang, believed the contents of various brands of cigarettes, including Marlboro, were all mixed together, then repacked and sold in PNG.