Chuuk International airport

Chuuk accident final report

The final report will be released by the Accident Investigation Commission.

On 28th September 2018, Flight PX 073 overshot the Chuuk International Airport runway by 460 metres and crashed into the sea.

There was one fatality that resulted from the crash.

PX confirms Chuuk lawsuit

According to the brief statement from the airline, the Accident Investigation Commission investigation is on-going, therefore the specific claims made in the writ and published in the media, are yet to be proven.

Air Niugini’s management stated that since the incident, it has been in contact with all passengers to ensure they were getting the support they need, and majority of the passengers have welcomed the assistance.

AIC investigation team in Chuuk

Minister for Civil Aviation, Alfred Manase, said two investigators arrived in Chuuk 22 hours following the incident and immediately commenced assisting the FSM investigation team.

Minister Manase said as per the International Civil Aviation Organization (ICAO) Annex 13 Standards, the FSM have allowed for the PNG AIC Investigation team to participate in the investigation.

He said the two member team arrived in Chuuk on Saturday 29th September at 8 am and immediately began investigation with FSM officials.

Passengers shaken but safe

This afternoon Air Niugini’s management released a couple of statements to assure families of the 47 on board the aircraft, that all were being taken care of by FSM authorities on Chuuk.

Air Niugini stated that the aircraft had 35 passengers and 12 crew members on board, all of whom were able to safely evacuate the aircraft with assistance from locals in Chuuk.

Amateur videos posted online from Chuuk locals show a number of boats responding immediately to the incident to assist passengers out of the partially sunken aircraft.