Church partnership

Marape hails church partnership

Speaking at the recent swearing-in ceremony of the Provincial Executive Council members in Tari, Marape commended Governor Philip Undialu for the wisdom to initiate such partnership with churches.

“I have committed myself to work with Governor Philip Undialu when it comes to developing the province”, he said.

“The Governor is the boss of the province and we must all learn to work together and learn to respect authority in place to run the province.

Govt partnership with churches must follow policy guideline

Abel said the Department of National Planning and Monitoring tries to keep the implementation of public funds as focused as possible on outcomes and align as much as possible with government’s purpose and intention.

He explained that it’s the role of churches to facilitate the spiritual development of the people and it is the role of government to facilitate the goods and services to the people.

“We use public funding to partner with churches and other partners to facilitate and support government’s role.

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Church partnership boosted in East New Britain

Raluana LLG in the Kokopo district, East New Britain Province has established its Council of Churches.

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