Christmas Gifts

US woman reveals the number one gift she says women don't want to receive on Christmas

"Your girlfriend doesn't want heart-shaped jewellery, I promise you," US woman Clare tweeted.

"If you read this and still think she wants something heart-shaped, I am willing to help you find something that isn’t ugly. 

"This is my act of service to my fellow women."

While originally posted last December, the post has resurfaced and racked up over 400,000 likes, with people debating the claim. 

Thousands of women commented in an agreement calling heart-shaped jewellery "tacky" and "childish".

"Thank you for your service," one woman wrote. 

Need gift ideas?

Because everyone would agree that choosing a gift is not easy as giving the gift.

While it’s about giving with your heart, there’s always that kick in the back of your mind that wants him or her to be pleased with your gift.

So you stress on what would be the best gift to give.

Here’s a list of places to check out:

No doubt jewellery is one top choice.

AJM Jewellery & Accessories

Wewak mothers get early Christmas gifts

They were given 15 sewing machines by Francis Hevu who is the president of Wewak Rural LLG.

Five local level government wards make up Wewak District in East Sepik and are, Wewak Island, Wewak Rural, Wewak Urban, Boikin-Dagua and Turubu LLG.    

Wewak Island president Pius Bugatar describe the partnership with his colleague as way forward to assist people in the village because of the limited funding that each LLG presidents get annually.