Christmas 2016

Busy day ahead for recreational parks

Provided the cooler atmosphere and readily available facilities like the haus win and BBQ stands, who wouldn’t?

Loop PNG visited Adventure Park, a hot spot just outside the Nation’s capital, this morning.

Although it was quiet then, the staff on duty said nine haus wins were already booked and the park is expected to fill up by midday.

The park has other adventurous activities, including Bird Sanctuary and National Orchid Garden, waterslide, paddle boat, Ferris wheel, merry-go-round and fishing.

Slow Christmas for city shops

This means a less stressful day for shops throughout the nation’s capital.

Loop PNG visited major shops like RH Hypermart and Stop N Shop, which were open today.

It was a normal Sunday for them, with less customers and was less hectic than the two previous days.

According to a shop assistant at Stop N Shop, there was a little bit of a crowd in the morning but it had all cleared out.

The two previous days however, were the busiest, they confirmed.

Quiet Christmas day in capital city

Is it because Christmas Day has fallen on a Sunday?

Loop PNG took to the streets of Port Moresby and noted the less than expected number of vehicles on the road.

Apart from PMVs and taxis, only a small number of vehicles could be seen on the road.

Loop PNG also made a traffic observation run to 14-Mile, noting the lazy traffic flow.

However, it was business as usual for fresh produce vendors there.

They revealed to Loop that the demand for their produce increases on Christmas, thanks to Christmas parties.

Meet Pom’s newest Christmas additions!

Loop PNG caught up with antenatal nurse, MaryAnne Amuel, at the labour ward to check on the count for Christmas babies.

As of 6am this morning, five babies were delivered at the Port Moresby General Hospital labour ward.

Nurse Amuel says all five mothers had a smooth delivery and that all the babies were seen to be very healthy.

In an interview with Christina Gesla from Daru and Rigo, who gave birth to a baby boy named after his father, Luke, she says she went into labour on Christmas Eve but didn’t think she would give birth by 12 this morning.

Health Department’s Christmas message

Health secretary Pascoe Kase said this in his Christmas message to Papua New Guinea.

“By 2017, the Health Department proposes to have a bill passed for specialist hospitals. Four hospitals in the country will be declared Specialist Hospitals. Only patients who need specialist medical care will be referred to those hospitals,” Kase said in a statement.

“Health has come a long way prior to independence, primarily focusing on the clinical care and treatment programs, rehabilitation of general hospitals and building of district health facilities.

Jokema urges fans to have a safe Christmas

Front man Honlly Isaac urges fans to be happy with family and friends and have a safe Christmas.

Isaac said: “The greatest gift we all can give someone is love.

“Take care and love from Jokema.”

Jokema performed during the 2016 National Capital District (NCD) Carols by Candlelight on Saturday, December 17, at Murray Barracks.

Jokema, via its official Facebook page, said it was an honour to perform at the event.

“Together we can make our city and our nation safe for everyone. Walk hand in hand into 2017.”

PNG is changing, says PM in Christmas message

This was what Prime Minister Peter O’Neill said in his Christmas message to the country.

“This is a time for families and friends, and to give thanks for all the good that we have in our lives.

“Christmas is also an important time when we can put aside our differences, and share in the goodwill of our communities.”

The PM says ours is a Christian nation, built on Christian values and governed through care and compassion for our fellow men, women and children.

Christmas message from Education Department

“We have ended the 2016 academic year on Friday, December 9, and it is my great pleasure to thank you all for your commitment and efforts throughout the year,” said the Minister.

He stated that despite the difficult financial situation faced by the country, the Education Department managed to implement most of its key policies.

​Introducing…Carols on the Diamond!

Why not experience for the first time ever, the Port Moresby Women’s Softball Association ‘Carols on the Diamond’?

The inaugural event will be held at the Bisini Softball Precinct, diamond 1, today (Dec 17) at 6pm.

Publicity officer Sophie Malaibe told Loop PNG: “Since softball is a family sport, the association is using the concept to bring families together.”

Apart from that, the association is hoping to secure its future with revenue from the event.

Law and order is everyone’s responsibility: Baki

“Law and order is not just the police responsibility.”

This was said by the Commissioner for Police, Gari Baki, during a launch.

Baki told the media that the public assaults, particularly on women and girls, is not just the responsibility of police but every Papua New Guinean.

“We expect every Papua New Guinean to treat their own countrymen properly and if you’re going for a concert that is out for everybody to watch, you go there as a true Papua New Guinean and celebrate in the spirit of Christmas.”