Christian Health

EHPHA funds Christian Health Services


Last year when the Christian Health Services and the Catholic Church Health Services in the province were experiencing financial difficulties the EHPHA board made a decision to assist them.

 In a small ceremony, Chairman of Christian Health Services in the province met with the Chief Executive Officer of the Provincial Health Authority and Board Chairman to receive the funding assistance promised. The ceremony took place at the EHPHA office in Goroka recently.

Christian Health Services unpaid salaries


Christian Health Services employs about 4,000 workers and a month’s grant is worth K6million from the PNG government which caters for salaries as well as operations.

Early this week, it was confirmed that a month’s grant was released from the government, from the four months grant expected. This amount would cover salaries for February but not for March, April, May and June.  

Chairman of Christian Health Services, Japalis Kaiok said the funds received recently can only cater for one or two fortnight’s salaries.