Chimbu Province

Heavy rains wreak havoc in highlands provinces

Several access roads in the region have been cut off, isolating a large number of rural communities while the Highlands Highway is under threat of being cut off by landslips in several locations between Eastern Highlands and Jiwaka Province.

In the Chimbu Province, the Kundiawa-Gembolg road was cut off in three locations on Sunday night after heavy rains. The Dokorr Creek Bridge along the Gumine road, outside Kundiawa, was also covered by debris, cutting off the link from Gumine.

Chimbu’s Bomai Coffee celebrates first anniversary

Bomai Coffee – the brand-  is also celebrating its first anniversary this month since its humble beginnings in the back waters of a rugged, relentless and uncompromising landscape in Chimbu Province.

It was in this landlocked area that one brave man – Paul Sirigine – decided to step out in faith to help ordinary coffee growers in the Bomai Area of the province that saw the birth of his company, Sirigine Coffee Producers (SCP).

Overwhelming evidence found in exploitation case

Willie Gare of the Gumine district of Chimbu Province is facing allegations in a case that is somewhat rare in the country.

He returned to the Committal Court on Wednesday where Magistrate Cosmas Bidar made his ruling on the sufficiency of evidence. He is expected back in court on Sept 29 where his lawyer will make a response in the court finding sufficient evidence against him, this being his section 96 statement.

Chimbu aims to tap into inbound tourism

The people of this rugged, limestone riddled with steep gorges and ravines and their provincial governments over the years never benefited from any tourism income.

The rugged and perilous features of the province however provides some of the most scenic views in the country. It hosts Mt Wilhelm, the highest landmark and  a tourism icons in the South Pacific. The drive itself from Kundiawa to Kegasugl at the foot of Mt Wilhelm, named by German explorers in honour of their Emperor Fredrick Wilhelm, is a million kina experience.

Gumine lockup gets help from Authority

 Jail Commander Corporal Joe Kaupa said so far the district has helped them to rehabilitate prisoners.

"The Gumine District Administrations has looked after us with logistics and resources. These include the purchase of a new Toyota Land Cruiser and the renovation of the lockup, “he told Loop PNG this week.

Corporal Kaupa said there are two lock-ups in the province. The other one is at Coglme, in the Kundiawa/Gembogl electorate.

Students told to respect and value education

During a presentation of 3000 library books recently to eight schools in the area, Digicel PNG Foundation Men of Honour Vincent Kumura told the students about the importance of reading and education.

Kumura highlighted the need for the youths, parents and the community to partner in fighting careless and violent behaviours such as vandalising school properties and disrespecting teachers.

“The goal is to promote a safer and violent free community where teachers would teach uninterrupted, students could learn well and be better citizens of tomorrow.

Businessman: I was wrongly accused

The Grade 5 Court cleared John Thomas of Gumini, Chimbu Province, after it found that police did not prove its case beyond reasonable doubt on allegations he stole a kilogram of gold valued at K150, 000 between May and June 2006 at Woitape in 2006.

He was arrested in April 2015 and has been flying into Port Moresby from Woitape to attend his case.

The ruling came on Monday after a trial was conducted at Waigani. A total of eight witnesses gave evidence in the case. 

Cocoa is Chimbu’s cash crop of the future

Provided there is government intervention in funding the provincial government’s plan to bring cocoa to the next level, Chimbu Province has the potential to become a major player in the nation’s cocoa industry.

The Provincial Works Unit has spent sleepless nights cutting through mountainous jungles in its attempt to link up this fertile valley by road to the outside world.

Failure to report death case adjourned

Kume Keware, 33, of Sinesine District of Chimbu Province was supposed to have his lawyer inform the court on Wednesday whether he will file a response to the court finding sufficient evidence against him.

That case was adjourned because the presiding magistrate dealing with the case is on Court circuit in Alotau.

He is facing allegations that he failed to report the killing of his 'lover' after his wife, Olivia Warome had allegedly killed her in his presence.

Warome has since been committed to stand trial at the Waigani National Court for the alleged offense.