Chief Superintendent Robert Ali

27 cadet officers trained on discipline

There are six females and 21 male cadet officers undergoing a program for three weeks on disciplinary procedures.

Director for Police Internal Affairs, Chief Superintendent Robert Ali, said discipline is everyone’s responsibility and instilling such behaviour and character at an early stage in the cadets’ training is important for the Constabulary.

During Ali’s presentation, he mentioned that discipline applies to everyone within the Police Commissioner’s command and control value chain, regardless of gender, culture, religion or social status.

Lack of supervisory role hinders Constabulary

Chief Superintendent Robert Ali mentioned this during the commissioner’s annual conference in Kimbe that while they point fingers at the new recruits who just passed out from the police college, senior officers must also cop the blame for not taking a leading role.

“We must also be blamed for lacking in field supervision. The young and energetic police personnel just completed their training and are eager to join the journey in policing.

“Their future depends entirely on us as leaders and we have to take the lead in the supervisory roles,” Ali told his senior officers.