Chief Censor Steven Mala

Musicians need an association: Chief censor

This is also a dream for many musicians, who have been looking to the PNG Censorship Board and the government to assist them with.

But Mala says the formation of an association has to be an independent one, free from government interference.

He says if an association is in place, it will be responsible in making sure artists work within set guidelines.

For now, he says the absence of an association, and the availability of technology at anyone’s grip, is posing a big challenge to both the regulatory body and the artists.

Offensive music will be banned: Chief Censor

Since the ban on music by Wild Pack band, his office has banned three more songs on the airwaves.

A circular released on January 10 advised media houses and entertainment venues such as nightclubs and bars, of the ban on:

Wild Pack production banned

A circular stating a ban on this group’s music was released from the office of the Chief Censor Steven Mala.

This action follows the viral video capturing a member of the Wild Pack band assaulting another musician.

The video was uploaded on social platform Facebook over the festive period, attracting an overwhelming response from the public.

As per the circular, songs or video clips the boy band has featured in or produced must not be aired, commencing immediately.