Charles Abel

DPM returns after marketing PNG’s sovereign bond

The DPM and delegation covered Singapore, Hong Kong, London, New York, Boston and Los Angeles in 10 days.

In a packed schedule arranged by global lead coordinator Credit Suisse and joint bookrunners Citibank, the delegation presented to around 100 global banks and fund managers at 7 meetings per city.

“Our international partners have done a fantastic job in arranging meeting and providing advice. The interest has been really good with full meetings, including all the major players,” said Abel in a statement.

Govt signs K83m loan agreement

The funding is for the Markets for Village Farmers Project, which will support the transition of semi-subsistence agriculture to market-orientated production and farming as a business.

Deputy Prime Minister and Minister for Treasury, Charles Abel, says this continues to signify how important agriculture is to the government.

Since agriculture is the backbone of Papua New Guinea, Abel says the Government continues to create initiatives with its partners to spur on agriculture.

Community urged to take ownership

The 40 metres Haumu bridge was constructed at a cost of K700,000.

Minister Nali when addressing the people at the opening urged the people to take care of such infrastructures and take responsibility to own it.

"The Government will always provide services but all it is asking for is for people to take ownership and look after it."

Speaking as the Alotau MP, Mr Abel said such infrastructures are important for the Government as it opens up opportunities for people to take part in doing business and other commercial activities.

Education opportunities in Aust: Abel

Abel said PNG has one of the best education systems at its doorsteps in Australia.

While PNG develops its education system, entry of young Papu New Guineans into Australian schools will be an accelerator for development, stated the acting PM.

Abel said he proposed to the Australian government the opportunity for PNG students to have access to the international learning facilites in Australia, which he believes will be an accelerator for growth.

However, in order to ensure such an idea works, visa issues need to work in both countries’ favours.

Abel briefed on events

He said following upon his return from Canberra yesterday in which a meeting was convened with Ministers for Police, Attorney General, Petroleum, Acting Police Commissioner, and the Governor for Hela, for a briefing on the situation in the Southern Highlands and recent events at Angore.

Abel expressed his disappointment at the attack on the Angore camp facilities and that police were mobilised immediately to the scene to do their work.

Review approach to PNG

Deputy Prime Minister, Charles Abel, said this at the Lowy Institute in Sydney Australia, during his weeklong visit to the country.

During his visit Abel had several engagements which included visiting Youth With A Mission (YWAM) Medical Ship Annual Breakfast by the Bay Fundraiser in Queensland, addressing the Australia –PNG Business Council, and holding high level meetings in Canberra.

Speaking at the Lowy Institute, Charles Abel, called on PPNGs traditional partners to review their current relationship with.

Condolences pour in for Moses Tau

The iconic star passed away last night in the nation’s capital after he collapsed at the Lamana hotel.

As soon as word got out, many social media users on Facebook started sharing emotional posts about the death of the vibrant music sensation.

One popular post was that of the Minister for APEC and member for Moresby South, Justin Tkatchenko, who alerted his followers of the death.

The Minister who was still in a state of shock this morning, spoke about the vibrant nature of the late Tau who he stated was a close personal friend and supporter to him.

Pruaitch on cash flow issues

That was his response when responding to Deputy Prime Minister Charles Abel on cash flow issues in the country.

The Opposition leader said his advice from his very first budget in 2014 was to sharply curtail the level of borrowing.

He added that when Government is in receipt of record revenue, it is not the time to be making excessive loans and running large fiscal deficits.

He said the Government borrowed far too much in a brief period and most of it has been misspent.

Deputy PM condemns Opposition’s statements

Abel made these remarks in response to the Opposition Leader’s statements calling for an explanation from the Government regarding the cash flow issues.

Responding to Pruaitch’s statements, Abel condemned his comments saying most of what the Government is implementing today was dictated by Pruaitch when he was the then Treasurer.

Govt owes companies over K290m

This was revealed to Treasurer and Deputy Prime Minister, Charles Abel, during a meeting with the Port Moresby Chamber of Commerce and Industry (POMCCI).

The POMCCI presented to the Government the long list of outstanding debts owed to its 16 members, from over 320 current members.

Abel, along with Internal Revenue Commission Commissioner, Betty Palaso, and Deputy Commissioner Dr Alois Daton, met with POMCCI President, Rio Fiocco, CEO Dave Conn and CPL Managing Director, Mahesh Patel.