Free tampon vending machines helping restore dignity to homeless women

But charity organisation Share the Dignity is hoping to help women who cannot afford sanitary products by installing vending machines in cities around Australia that dispense free tampons and pads to those in need.

Machines have recently been installed in Melbourne, Sydney, Brisbane, Adelaide and Darwin, and one will be installed in Perth in the coming weeks.

The vending machines contain sanitary packs that each include two pads and six tampons, and work on a timed system to prevent wastage. One pack is available from the machine every 10 minutes.

Devastated artists pull together for flood recovery

Many of the wooden frames were buckled and the canvases shredded. All of them were covered in a thick film of pungent mud.

"I had to walk away from it, I was that upset, I couldn't handle it," Mr Moran said.

"I told my friends to leave me alone and I took a knife and ran the knife through some of them that couldn't be saved."

Mr Moran's studio had been completely submerged by floodwaters in the northern New South Wales city of Lismore.

And, like many local business owners, Mr Moran was uninsured.

Christmas Day service for Sudanese migrants in Melbourne full of dancing and prayer

"When you see us dancing it [is] our way of pleasing God, like praising God," said Abraham Kon, from the Jolwoliech youth ministry.