Central Province

Law enforcement authorities must be law abiding

He called on all personnel in the law and justice sector to abide by the law and respect it to be respected in return.

“I want to remind you all police personnel, soldiers and wardens that the uniform you wear, it is not yours. It belongs to the 7 million people of Papua New Guinea,” he told officers in a parade before the start of a court user’s forum.

“Everyone contributes to that uniform you wear, it is public property. A lot of times, we hear news of policemen doing the wrong things, we don’t need that.

Grade 12 students experience practical side of courtroom

They were part of the public that attended the court user forum that was conducted by Criminal Judge, Justice Panuel Mogish today in Bereina.

Legal studies teacher, Ms Lisa Api, told Loop PNG her students’ attendance today was to experience the practical side of what goes on in a courtroom.

Located three hours out of Port Moresby, she said this is the first time a class from Mainohana, in particular legal studies students, get to see what goes on in the National Court.

Bewani man on assault charge in Central

Bill Warno, 66 years of Ossol village, West Sepik was arrested and charged yesterday (Jan 25) by Kwikila police after spending four nights at the Kwikila Police station.

He appeared in court today before Magistrate Cosmas Bidar where he was allowed bail at K200.

Warno in asking for bail said he will be residing with his son in Port Moresby and not at Gabagaba where his family house is if granted bail.

It is alleged he (Warno) during the festive season without any good reason unlawfully wounded Jack Mou Futuwa.

Gender equality pilot project finishes in Abau

 25 people from the district participated in the project, led by a three member team of researchers from Deakin University in Australia and Divine Word University in PNG.

The project started in April and finished last month.

They undertook a range of research projects around the Gender Equity and Social Inclusion (GESI) theme.

The villagers learnt about the importance of keeping girls in school, to improve women’s health, to create business opportunities for women, and also to improve women’s literacy and to tackle domestic violence.

Central schools scale down operation following drought

76 elementary schools and 39 primary schools are greatly affected by the shortage of water.

From an assessment carried out by school inspector Ken Soeu last week, most of the water tanks are empty and water wells contaminated due to the low water levels.

Soeu said 99 percent of the schools rely on water wells so they have been asked to scale down operations to save the remaining little water source for  the upcoming grade eight exams.

He advised schools to allow grade 7 and grade 8 students to remain in class and teachers to be on official duty.

Tapini fight: Peace breaks out

Police have maintained a presence in the area after fighting broke out between two enemy tribes over outstanding compensation claims.

Police report that there were eleven injuries with two deaths reported from the fighting that lasted a week.

Three houses were burned as a result of the fight.

Police have also arrested five men in relation to the fights, after the suspects were caught with two unlicensed shotguns and an unregistered pistol.

All the men will be charged with possession of a deadly weapon.

Village school on track for national exams

The village is facing a shortage of water supply following the dry weather which has emptied water tanks and wells are drying up.

Despite that, the students are working hard to pass their exams.

School head master John Wasigui said teachers were working with the 29 grade eight students doing   remedial exercises for an one hour after school.

“After three mock exams, we have highlighted some weakness areas in various topics which the teachers are emphasising during remedial classes. 

Boera village hit hard by dry weather

Most of their water wells are starting to dry up and food gardens are not producing enough.

The change in weather pattern is also having an impact on their fishing livelihood with the strong winds preventing them from going out to sea.

Village elder Hosea Daure told Loop PNG that the villagers hadn’t started off preparing the new ground for planting because the soil was very hard.

Daure said the seedlings were also drying out, making it difficult for them to be replaced.

​Haoda welcomes Games Baton to Central Province

Central is the 21st province the baton has visited and today marked 91 days of the baton’s 100 days journey throughout the country.

The baton is spending four days in the province before it is handed over to the National Capital District on June 29.

An official welcome ceremony was held at Laloki High School today as the baton was displayed for the people and the Central Provincial Government to see.

Haoda urged the people of Central to welcome the Relay team and happily get involved in the relay.

​Games Relay begins journey in Central Province

The Relay will spend the next few days touring the coastal and inland villages of Central.

Central is the last province the baton will visit before it makes its way into the nation’s capital on 29 June.

The baton flew by chopper over Papa/Lealea villages, LNG site and Tapini in the Goilala District before landing at Bereina station in Kairuku.

 It will then relay back to Veimauri before retiring to Port Moresby.