Central Province

Magi Highway upgrade to start in Milne Bay

The upgrade will be done on the 56km road from Alotau town to East Cape in Milne Bay, which is where the national highway ends.

The Magi Highway goes southeast from Port Moresby, turning inland and east just before Rigo, passing through Kwikila.

The road then runs across the Mai Kussa River at Bannon Bridge, where, within a few kilometres, the asphalt concrete gives way to a graded road which continues to Kupiano.

57yo gets 23 years for killing man over pig

Allan Aiso was convicted by the Bomana National Court on Oct 24 for the murder of George Evi on May 5, 2015, at Aipeana village, Kairuku district.

He was found guilty of hurling a spear-knife at Evi’s chest after he found him standing next to his dead pig in the garden.

Justice Panuel Mogish, sentencing him to 25 years’ imprisonment this week, deducted one year, six months from that sentence. This was due to time he spent in remand at Bomana. Aiso will now serve a remaining 23 years and six months in prison.

Mekeo women to protest for gender equality and rights

The protest aims to enhance opportunities for gender equality and women empowerment.

The women claim that for years they have been the scapegoats of taboos and customs.

They have suffered for years from continuous alcohol and drug-related verbal and physical abuse plus sexual violence that has deprived women rights in the rural areas.

The organisers say they aim to speak out for the silent majority and break down the stigma that accompanies so many experiences of violence and abuses.

Trekkers: Kapa Kapa Trail a tremendous journey

The trekkers, from Australia, Belgium and Scotland, commenced the 220km journey at Gabagaba Village, Central Province, on October 4.

They successfully completed the track in 17 days, led by experienced trekker Peter Gamgee from the Getaway Trekking Company.

They’ve all taken home wonderful memories of the diverse plants, animals, culture and people living along the trail.

The track was used by American soldiers during World War II in 1942 during a battle to defeat the Japanese on the northern beaches.

Gabagaba-Ginigolo reconciliation postponed

The event is supposed to ease tension between the two villages after a land dispute clash last month, where two men were hospitalised.

Acting PPC Andrew Tovere told Loop PNG that the proposed venue for this morning’s reconciliation, Jack Pidik Park, is too costly. This is one of the reasons why the reconciliation has been delayed.

“It must be held within a place where the concerned villagers can access it. It is very costly for them (villagers) to come into the city.

Man speared to death over a pig

Allan Aiso was convicted by the Bomana National Court for the murder of George Evi on May 5, 2015 at Aipeana village, Kairuku district. He stabbed Evi on his left chest using a spear knife.

The court found that Aiso threw a spear knife at Evi (deceased) after he found him standing next to his dead pig in the garden.

All these took place in front of the deceased’s uncle, Paul Auki, whose statement was used as evidence by the state in prosecuting Aiso.

October Central court circuit ends

Criminal Judge, Justice Panuel Mogish said this month’s Central Court circuit saw nine accuseds who were on bench warrants turn themselves in after being on the run for more than 20 years.

Most of these accused who turned themselves in were from the Bereina area of Central Province.

Central Province is currently leading in the execution of bench warrants, some dating back to 30 years ago.

He attributed the success in Central Province to the utilisation of existing local authority through the Paramount chief system.

Strong armed tactics planned for dynamite fishers in Central

In a media conference hosted by Central Governor, Kila Haoda, Provincial and Local Level Government leaders warned individuals engaged in the activity that villagers are contemplating taking the law into their own hands.

“They have now told me that they will take the law into their own hands,” says Aihi Ikupu, President of the Kairuku LLG.

“I have letters from Nabua’paka, Yule Island, Delena, and Pou’kama that there are explosions nearly every night.”

Haoda calls for proper evictions on customary land

He says the current trend of mass eviction is creating a problem for Central Province as more and more people are settling on customary land.

“The Government must prepare land for the people to resettle,”

“Once you chase them out they wont sleep in the air or they wont sleep in the water, they will come to my people’s land,” said Haoda.

More than 90 per cent of Central Province land is customary, however, there are alleged instances of land being acquired through dubious deals or illegally being settled on.

One mortally wounded in Gabba Gabba-Ginigolo clash, report villagers

Women and children have been put on dinghies and sent out to sea while the men are fighting at Gabba Gabba village.

A local from Gabba Gabba told Loop PNG that the fight is a result of yesterday’s rampage, conducted by a clan from his village.

“A former district administrator from Ginigolo came down to the beachfront (Gabba Gabba) and built his house there. His house sits on that clan’s land,” Loop was told.

The clan members went down to the beach, chased residents there and burnt a couple of bush material houses.