Central Province

Murder suspect rearrested in surprise raid

Provincial Police Commander Laimo Asi said the suspect, from Tapini, had escaped from police custody earlier this year for murdering his wife, and was hiding in the house.

“Just as well we conducted the unexpected raid and caught them off guard,” stated the PPC.

Police also arrested a man for possessing an unlicensed firearm.

They attained a search warrant to search the offender’s home and the firearm was confiscated.

Meanwhile, Asi said the election operations are progressing well and will continue into the polling period.

​Councilors’ actions condemned

Provincial commander Laimo Asi said they have identified certain leaders who have been rejecting candidates, who are not from their village, from conducting campaigns in their areas.

“This attitude is bad and not healthy for the community. How could a so-called leader do such bias practice in your community? We all come from the same district.”

The provincial police commander says such practices are the beginning of bad leadership and corrupt attitude.

Speeding costs lives!

This was the reprimand given by the Central police commander, Laimo Asi, when speaking about a fatal accident caused by speeding over the weekend.

PPC Asi says a woman was killed while 5 others were seriously injured when a 15-seater bus from Tubuserea was involved in an accident with a 15-seater bus from Rigo.

The accident took place on Thursday, May 4th, at around 6am around the City Mission area.

Police report that the Tubuserea bus was pulling to the side of the road to let off some passengers when the bus from Rigo collided into them.

VIDEO: Central police election operations progress

Operations have now progressed with police personnel moving onto the next stages of their duties.

Central Province order of draw

Contesting the same seat also are other big names like Ila Geno, Rigo Lua, Philomena Kassman.

Also back in the run is former governor Alphones Moroi.

The 36 candidates were issued their box numbers yesterday. See in table below is the order of draw:

Box Number


Box Number


Central police commander suggests partial buai ban


Central police commander Laimo Asi suggests that one area that the leaders in the province must support is the introduction of control measures for the buai trade.

Asi says he is suggesting for the provincial government to support his personnel and impose a “partial” buai ban.

The PPC says while he would ideally like to see the trade shut down realistically, this will not be the case as many depend on the thriving trade to make ends meet.

Central to beef up police presence

This will be from June 24 to July 8th.

An awareness is being conducted by police officers, and a briefing will be held this week on operations during the eight-week campaign period.

Provincial police commander, Laimo Asi, said his officers had a briefing to outline the respective areas in policing during the campaign period.

"My command will localise and monitor all campaigning activities to individual police stations."

Despite informal reports of early campaigning taking place, PPC Asi said no one has officially laid complaints yet.

New explosives facility in Papa

Officially called the ‘Orica Konekaru Site,’ the facility is located in Papa, Central Province, and is a few hundred metres from the Papa-Lealea Road and opposite the PNG LNG Plant Site.

The opening of the site follows from an agreement signed between landowners and Orica five years ago.

Chairman of Konekaru Holdings Limited, Morea Geita, said he was happy with the outcome of the agreement, as it will put Konekaru on the world map.

The Iaro Gaha clansmen said the investment by Orica will be used to their advantage, for the betterment of his people.

Contradictory reports see manslaughter case dismissed

The Central Committal Court on Tuesday dismissed the case against Joshua Gini David after he was arrested and charged on 18 January last year for unlawfully killing his step daughter, who was 16 years old at the time of her death.

Allegations brought by police before the court stated that David sexually assaulted the 16-year-old before she committed suicide by hanging herself on 2nd December, 2015, at her family home.

The deceased was the daughter of his partner at the time of the alleged offense.

655 eye patients treated at Kupiano

More than 2,000 people also attended health promotion sessions.

The land-based healthcare team, in partnership with local health workers and the Abau District Administration, delivered optometry services, dental procedures and health education at Kupiano's Health Centre.

One of the patients seen was a 35 year-old mother of four named Openi. Openi was considered legally blind and could only see two metres in front of her. YWAM’s optometry team fitted Openi with a pair of glasses which enabled her to read, and see half-way down the vision acuity chart.