Central Province

Local farm to begin producing dairy products

Ilimo Farm is run by agricultural developer Innovative Agro Industries (IAI) and will be launching a new line of dairy products.

IAI Chairman Ilan Weiss said people mainly have access to processed milk due to the high cost of imported fresh milk as very few retail outlets stock fresh milk in the capital.

Weiss said they aim to put a litre of healthy fresh milk on the shelves for consumers at a cost of between K6 and K7.

​No set venue for Central counting: Candidates

At the moment, there is no set venue.

Apparently, the proposition by the Central Province Election Manager is for the first preference counting for CP regional seat be done at respective district counting venues. After that, the boxes will be moved to a central location for elimination process.

This means the preferential counting will be done in four different locations – Abau District at Kupiano station, Rigo at Kwikila, Goilala at the Gordon Police Barracks and Kairuku-Hiri at CIS Bomana.

Abau in Central Province completes polling

Aroma Coast and Cloudy Bay LLGs completed polling on the weekend while one polling team for Amazon Bay LLG finished off today to complete polling for Abau.

Electoral Commissioner Patilias Gamato says that for Rigo Open, Rigo coast and central have completed polling while Rigo inland will be done by Wednesday, July 5.

All three LLGs in the Goilala electorate, Guari, Woitape and Tapini are expected to complete polling on July 6th.

For Kairuku-Hiri Open, Hiri and Mekeo LLGs polling ends today.

Women dying due to lack of education: Local

Gou Ovia, organiser of the Pink Hahine appeal, which is a charity fundraiser, is helping raise funds for her aunt, 43-year-old mother of three, Henoa Kellei, who has been diagnosed with breast cancer.

The Pink Hahine cocktail fundraiser was held at the Helifix Hanger at Seven-Mile in Port Moresby last Friday night.

“The reason why women are dying is because they don’t have enough education about this subject, so hopefully if we raise over our targeted amount for our aunty, we can bring some awareness to our local villagers at Gabagaba,” Ovia said.

​Central Province: Polling suspended in village

This stemmed from voters being turned away after finding out they were not eligible to vote.

Their frustrations turned to anger and the disgruntled voters entered the polling booth at the Women's Fellowship Hall, forcing Presiding Officer, Veali Veali, to suspend polling immediately.

Veali said there are 1,511 eligible voters in Paramana village but the villagers claimed the figure was wrong; there should be over 2000 eligible voters.

Veali said the Returning Officer will make a decision on the next course of action.

Councilor with firearm arrested at rally

Councilor Gavena John Leta, age 36, from Bokuku village, was alleged to have committed the offence during Sir Puka Temu’s rally on June 12.

Central police commander Laimo Asi says police report that whilst in Upulima, Leta removed the firearm (pistol) and tried to discharge it whilst the current member for Abau was talking during his rally.

He was formally arrested and charged for 3 counts relating to firearm and locked at Boroko cells late Tuesday afternoon (at around 5pm).

Governor slams deteriorating health rumours

In a statement, Governor Haoda says opposing candidates and supporters have ignited such hearsay on social media.

However, he assures the people that he is adamant to retain his seat to further enhance his policies on advanced education, improved health and upgrading all service delivery mechanisms.

“Your stamp is my stamp and together we will lead our province positively through the key areas I have already embarked on to improve our province.”

147 candidates contesting for Central Province

For the Abau Open seat, there are 24 candidates. The only female contesting is Judith Pauls Lapila.

The Goilala Open seat has 30 candidates; Matilda Tagu Koma is the lone female candidate.

To the Kairuku-Hiri Open, 27 candidates are in the race for the seat. There is also one female running - Parte Kwalimu.

Meanwhile, the Rigo Open seat has the highest number of candidates contesting (39); eight are women.

The Central Provincial seat has recorded 27 candidates, three are female.

Polling starts on June 24.

​K3.7m for infrastructure projects

The commitments are to be implemented within the three-year term of the revised mining memorandum of agreement (MOA) signed last week.

The commitment has been broken down into the following infrastructure projects:

NCD, Central election security operations launched

Members of the RPNGC, PNGDF and the CS started off with a parade march along the one lane street outside the police station and later lined up in front of the station.

Assistant Commissioner of Police for Operations, Jim Andrews stressed to the officers that there shouldn't be any separation between the forces and that it is important they maintain a good working relationship.

ACP Andrews urged the public that it is not only the responsibility of the police but for everyone to take ownership of the 2017 General elections.