Central Province

Roadblock leads to six arrests

There was a blockade set up by the people of Eboa village along the Hiritano Highway on Tuesday, Sept 19.

The illegal roadblock was set up in retaliation to a fight that erupted after the independence 9s rugby tournament of the Kairuku Member's cup.

The main highway was blocked off since Tuesday where the inland Mekeo villagers were not permitted to go through.

Central police commander Laimo Asi personally visited the roadblock and had it forcefully removed.

​Couple on a mission

However, a couple is on a mission to restore and regenerate their once lush mangrove coastlines.

Ulato Avei and husband William Kwara recently opened Koke Hanua bar and conference area at their home in Boera, Central Province, after successfully obtaining a loan from the National Development Bank.

“Koke is the name of the area and Hanua means villa in our language, so it’s translated to Koke Villa,” says Ulato.

One very visible sight customers will appreciate is the lush mangrove overlooking the sea.

Market access for locals

He says his people struggle to bring their produce into the city to sell, but this time he plans on cutting off that burden by creating intervention measures at the district level.

This was one of his many agendas highlighted during the official swearing in ceremony of Central Province leaders into the provincial assembly yesterday.

The Central Governor, along with the other 4 national Central province leaders, were officially welcomed to the Central Provincial Assembly.

VIDEO: Central Provincial Leaders sworn in

He says his people struggle to bring their produce into the city to sell, but this time he plans on cutting off that burden by creating intervention measure at the district level.
This was one of his many agenda items during the official swearing in ceremony of National leaders of Central Province into the Provincial assembly today.


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Economic independence for Central Province

Speaking following the swearing in of himself and four other MPs into the Central Provincial Assembly, Agarobe said he wants to ensure that the province is financially independent.

The Open members include Abau MP Sir Puka Temu, Kairuku-Hiri MP Peter Isoaimo, Goilala MP William Samb and Rigo MP Lekwa Gure.

Agarobe highlighted three major reforms that he envisions will transform the province in a major way.

The ongoing struggle

Essentials such as clean water supply, electricity and sanitation is a privilege that villagers in many parts of Papua New Guinea are yet to experience.

This is a sad reality in Imaugoro village, Central Province, as villagers struggle each day to walk miles to fetch clean water for drinking and cooking.

During the launching of the sustainable development program under climate change and EU-GIZ (Deutsche Gesellschaft für Internationale Zusammenarbeit), local women dramatised their struggles.

Health challenges for over 5,000 villagers

The clinic has been inactive since the month of June last year (2016).

In a recent visit to the village, the building, supposedly once housing medical supplies for the people of the Gabadi area villages, was seen to be mostly deserted.

Ward councillor Ambo Ao said both the clinic and the medical residential house were said to have gone under maintenance but work stopped due to lack of funding.

Since then, the building has been standing idle with no available service to the people in the Gabadi villages.

Don't judge me too early: Agarobe

Agarobe said this during his official declaration as the Governor-elect.

He was declared by Central Province Returning Officer, Kila Egaba, at 3:05pm today.

After signing the writ, Agarobe said he will not let the people of Central down and every decision he makes will be in the best interest of the people.

Agarobe ousted former governor Kila Haoda after receiving 47,383 votes to Haoda’s 36,907.

The absolute majority was 42,146.

​COUNTING: Goilala’s progressive results – after count 9

It commenced after counting was suspended on Thursday night at count 5.

When Loop PNG visited the counting venue this afternoon, count 10 was underway.

Following are the progressive results after count 9 as of 6pm today.

COUNTING: Central Provincial’s progressive results - after Count 12