Central Province

Over K96,000 worth of goods, cash stolen

Central provincial police commander, Laimo Asi, told Loop PNG that a group of armed men, numbering over 10, entered the Kupiano area using two dinghies. This was between 8.30pm and 9pm.

“They then proceeded on foot to Kupiano Station, held up our district officers and took an education vehicle,” PPC Asi said.

The group then went into the Central police station commander’s residence and ambushed him and his family.

“They fired shots at the police station commander while he was in the house with his family,” PPC Asi reported.

Inap Nau Campaign reaches Central Province

The campaign, spearheaded by Papua Hahine Besena, is geared towards ending gender-based violence and other socials issues affecting the villagers.

The campaign will run from February 26-28 in Gaire, Barakau and Tubuserea villages.

The campaign aims to create a wave of change in these Motuan coastline villages.

“The awareness will be carried out on council days of each village,” said Lawrence Tau from National Youth Development Authority, who are partners of Papua Hahine Besena Inap Nau Campaign.

Water-borne diseases on rise in province

This was revealed by Dr Cindy Gaso, who is based at the Veifa’a mission run hospital.

The doctor also revealed that the hospital, which usually caters for the villagers, has also been affected by the flood.

“Sanitation and water will be a major issue,” she said.

“This may go on for at least six months or even a year.

“What is important now is the water supply; pit toilets were over flooded, flowing into the water wells, which causes decontamination.”

Dr Gaso noted that the recovery period will be a long one.

Relief planned for flooded Central villages

Most affected are the areas from the Mekeo area of the province.

Yesterday the disaster coordinator and a representative from Red Cross did an aerial survey of the area.

They flew from the mouth of the Angabanga River upstream to Veifa’a, Ipiana, Amiata and the Central, West and East Mekeo area.

There was evidence of severe flooding which has since subsided while a few houses seen to have been flooded could be seen from the air.

Strong winds blow houses over

At least three houses collapsed when they were hit by the strong winds and massive waves.

Kido village is situated off a point behind Rearea village and Gorohu-Manumanu in the Kairuku-Hiri LLG.

Information came in that the villagers, whose only mode of transportation is by sea, have been unable to move anywhere.

Those who were travelling on Sunday reported encountering gigantic waves that they have never experienced before.

They are now calling on relevant authorities, as well as the Central Provincial Government, to attend to their plight.

Flash flood warning for Central Province

The Central Provincial Administration, through the provincial disaster office, has urged villagers along the coastal areas and rivers, stream beds, drainage ditches and culverts to take extra precaution.

Governor aims for a ‘smarter Central Province’

The new governor, who has only been in the position for just over six months, says Central Province must look forward to major changes come 2018 onwards.

The Governor said Central has been lacking the drive for a proper push for economic boost – this needs to change.

“With economic power comes political power.

“There needs to be much more contribution towards economic drive.”

Agarobe said following the announcement of the budget, it is appropriate to say that Central Province will see the much-needed improvement.

New Hula school calls for assistance

The Hood Point High School caters for students from the eight villages of Hula, Iruale, Irupara and Alewai, Kaparoko, Gemo, Kalo, Kamali, Babaka and Makerupu in the Rigo district.

Headmaster of the school issued the call for assistance during the school’s pioneer Grade 10 lunch recently.

The school, in its second year of operation, is headed by Vui Noka and nine other teachers. Seven of them are accommodated at the school while three are without houses.

VIDEO: Agarobe calls for a united Central

These were his remarks during the recently held Central Provincial Day held in Port Moresby.


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​Murder charge upgraded for Central man

Malcom Vavari Manasah of Gavuone village, Abau, Central, appeared in court from police custody where his upgraded charge was read and explained to him.

Police allege that on July 19, at Kupiano station, Manasah, while under the influence of alcohol, swung a timber and hit a Uani Vanua on the head.

The fight took place at Manasah’s family home after he was caught by duty police personnel. This was during the counting period when a liquor ban was imposed during the National Election.