Central Province Police

Central Province highway patrol back

Provincial police commander, Sibron Papoto, says the unit has been reinstated as of two weeks back with members and vehicles relegated to them.

There are presently 22 new members along with two vehicles assigned to help the unit carry out police work.

PPC Papoto says the rationale behind the reinstatement of the unit is to help with the identified law and order issues along the highway communities.

VIDEO: Central police election operations progress

Operations have now progressed with police personnel moving onto the next stages of their duties.

Police conduct election awareness in Central

The awareness campaign is phase 1 of the Central Province police command’s election operations plan. 

The Operational plan for the awareness campaign has been divided into three phases:

1.     Pre-election operation which includes general awareness and intelligence gathering;

2.     Election proper operation which includes polling and counting; and

3.     Post election operation is a mop up exercise that caters for any disruptions that may occur after the declaration of winning candidates.