Central Governor Robert Agarobe

Central Province complies with new measures

Governor Robert Agarobe outlined a number of things listed under the new COVID-19 measures.

This includes liquor ban on weekends and the set-up of checkpoints at Bautama, 14-mile, Laloki amd Porebada.

He said these checkpoints will be manned by Central Provincial Transport Authority.

Provincial Administrator Francis Koaba said the province reported 26 positive cases, but they need data into these cases, in order to develop their COVID-19 strategy.

Meantime the Governor said the Astra-Zeneca vaccine is not compulsory.

Central province prioritizes quality Education


He took the opportunity to talk about his government’s objectives during the recent launch of the ALESCO payroll system for the Central Province Education at the provincial headquarters in Konedobu on Friday 26th June, 2020.

Since he took office in August 2017, Governor Agarobe has put together interventions to use limited resources to embrace and complement shift in national education policies. He says this is to achieve optimum impact.

Women vendors sexually harassed by police: Governor

Governor Robert Agarobe voiced his frustration in Parliament on Friday, June 5th, saying a Fox Unit physically and sexually harassed their women vendors during a raid at the Porebada junction on the 18th of April.

“It also went to the extreme where their private parts were searched for money,” said the Governor.

The Governor said this incident was included in a petition that was signed by about 200 of his people, and handed to the Police Commissioner.

Infrastructure a priority: Agarobe

Central Province Governor Robert Agarobe said Kwikila hospital is now being upgraded to be an interim provincial hospital for Central Province, while a 250 bed hospital will be built at Bautama with drug storage and a nursing colleague.

Simultaneously, a new health centre will be built at Agevairu station, Kairuku, while work has recommenced now for the new Kupiano district hospital.

Negotiations are also underway for the Tapini district hospital or to build a new health centre at Woitape.

Education dept told to solve teachers’ leave fare issue

Central Governor Robert Agarobe, during question without notice, directed his query to the Education Minister, Joseph Yopyyopy, when parliament session began in Port Moresby on November 26th.

“Apart from all other public servants, not only teachers in Central Province but throughout the country have done well in their teaching services but their leave entitlements were not given on time,” he said.

In 2018, the governor gave an approved amount of K450,000 to Central Provincial education department as the department was unable to cater for the fares.

Governor addresses provincial hospital criticism

Kwikila Hospital, having been upgraded to the Provincial Hospital for Central Province, has attracted disapproval from social media users.

In response, Governor Agarobe stated he is determined to move his province forward and to him, any kind of development is good. 

He said on social media people have queried why Kwikila and not Bereina or Abau?

“I want my people to understand that at least we are doing something,” stressed the Governor.

Agarobe warns new soldiers

While congratulating the new recruits, Central Governor Robert Agarobe, who was the guest speaker, reminded them that this is not the end of their training and warned of disciplinary actions for new recruits.

Marching out to the parade ground for the last time, this is the second batch of new recruits for 2017.

They first entered the Military Training Depot on the 6th of November 2017 as civilians.