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Governor Peter visits communities

Over the weekend, Governor Rufina Peter visited Boteka in Ward 3 and Siraka in the Vanapa Brown Local Level Government, Hiri Koiari District. She was accompanied by LLG Council President Wayne Iorive along with councillors from the respective wards.

Boteka is located on the outskirts of Port Moresby, past the Catholic Church-owned Nazareth at the turn-off before Laloki Bridge. Established in the late 1950’s this area is home to now three hundred families who have slowly migrated out of the area due to lack of the most basic services.

Central Province shuts down

Central Governor, Robert Agarobe, made this known in a media briefing today straight after the Provincial Executive Council meeting.

When speaking to media at the Central Provincial Government headquarters, Governor Agarobe said he did not come out earlier to make his stance known as he was waiting for the National Government’s response to the COVID-19 situation.

And since a state of emergency has been declared, the provincial executive council has resolved to close off Central Province.

Agarobe promises stadium

The Governor made the commitment during the Gala Fundraising dinner for the Digicel Cup 2019 Competition bidding team.

He said land has been identified for the stadium at Bautama.

Agarobe said he wants the franchise to have proper facilities such as the stadium complemented with a clubhouse and supporting amenities.

He pledged his commitment to the team, stating that Central has the players to match it with other provinces in the code.

He said the crowning of Central as PNG Games champions in 2017 was testament.

Governor aims for a ‘smarter Central Province’

The new governor, who has only been in the position for just over six months, says Central Province must look forward to major changes come 2018 onwards.

The Governor said Central has been lacking the drive for a proper push for economic boost – this needs to change.

“With economic power comes political power.

“There needs to be much more contribution towards economic drive.”

Agarobe said following the announcement of the budget, it is appropriate to say that Central Province will see the much-needed improvement.

Kwikila secondary to be renovated: Agarobe

This was recently revealed by Central Governor Robert Agarobe during a tour of the school.

He said Kwikila secondary has been operating for over 20 years, and many of the structures, including dormitories and classrooms, have seen better days.

The governor noted that he could still see some classrooms which were built more than 20 years ago, still standing albeit in a worse state.

Being a former student himself, the governor was appalled at the state of the infrastructure.

Agarobe: Quality education is the way forward

A new approach will be taken by the Governor to ensure this is instilled during his term as the Governor.

Agarobe announced today that starting 2018, he will be visiting schools to identify strategies that can be taken to see this vision through.

He said this during his speech at the Kwikila secondary graduation today.

Agorobe said an educated Central province is a province that can reach a whole new level.

VIDEO: Agarobe calls for a united Central

These were his remarks during the recently held Central Provincial Day held in Port Moresby.


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Haoda vows to continue to deliver

Speaking at his rallies last week at Babaka, Makerupu and Hula village in the Rigo district, Haoda said that if elected back into parliament for another term, he will continue on from where he has started.

“I think I have done my part. I will build upon what I have done in the last five years.

 “The power is in your hands now. If you put rubbish into parliament, you’ll get rubbish out of parliament.