Central Dairy Limited

Central Dairy furious over article

Published on Thursday February 13, the article made reference to tariffs supposedly imposed on dairy imports that are intended to protect Central Dairy Ltd (Ilimo Dairy Farm).

In response, Central Dairy Ltd said: “For the avoidance of all doubt; it is advised that there has never been, nor are there currently tariffs and custom duties of any kind whatsoever that are levied on imported dairy products and as such, Central Dairy Ltd has never received any form of protection as an infant industry or otherwise.

State stakes 30pc in Central Dairy Limited

A deed of novation is an agreement which transfers one party's rights and obligations under a contract to a new third party.

In this case, the rights have been transferred to the State to Kumul Consolidated Holdings, taking up 30 percent interest in Central Dairy Limited.

The signing signals the beginning of the joint venture company – the Central Dairy Limited – and reflects public private investment and partnership.