Centers for Disease Control and Prevention

Vaccinated people can still get infected: Prof

The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention defines breakthrough infection as "an infection of a fully vaccinated person".

Member of the Medical and Scientific Advisory Committee, Professor John Vince, clarified that the COVID-19 vaccine protects you against severe infection and death.

Bat reportedly found in packaged salad mix

The bat was sent to the CDC after it was found in a bag of Fresh Express Organic Marketside Spring Mix.

"The deteriorated condition of the bat did not allow for CDC to definitively rule out whether this bat had rabies," the Atlanta-based agency said.

The CDC said the risk of rabies transmission was extremely low but not zero, so the two people who ate salad mix were recommended for treatment as a precaution.

Deadly measles complication is more common than thought, study says

Researchers figured this out by looking at records of people who had a neurological disease called subacute sclerosing panencephalitis, or SSPE, in California between 1998 and 2016. The research was presented at IDWeek, an infectious-disease conference, in October.

SSPE is a neurological complication from measles in which, essentially, the body has an abnormal immune response to the virus.

Zika shrinks mice testicles, damaging fertility

Not only did male mice infected with the Zika virus have a tougher time getting females pregnant, their levels of sex hormones crashed, and their testicles shrunk by 90%, possibly permanently, according to new researchby the Washington University School of Medicine in St. Louis.

Of course, these are mice, not men.

Experts tell American Samoans to kill mosquito larvae

The CDC has a seven member team in the territory helping the Department of Health tackle the Zika virus outbreak.

The number of confirmed Zika cases has climbed to 10, including three pregnant women.

The leader of the CDC team, Dr Thane Hancock, said the mosquitoes that carry the Zika virus bite people outside the homes, don't fly very far and die after two weeks.

But he said before that happens they can lay hundreds of eggs, so eliminating the larvae is vital.