Catholic Church

Govt prepares for Pope's visit

Minister Tkatchenko said the visit by the Holy Father Pope Francis, which is scheduled for August 25th to 28th, will be coordinated by the Department of Foreign Affairs and National Events.

He said Prime Minister James Marape has accepted the confirmation of the Papal visit and that line agencies have begun the process of hosting this important event of the year.

Meanwhile, Minister Tkatchenko announced that there will be a submission to the National Executive Council for National Events where all nine positions will be advised for a new structure.

Catholic women learn sewing skills

The training ended on Thursday, 13 April 2023 with a successful outcome as expressed by most of the participants.

The tailoring training was organised by the Madang Archdiocese following the directive of the Archbishop of Madang and Chairman of the Catholic Bishops Conference of PNG and Solomon Islands, Archbishop Anton Bal.

President of the Madang Catholic Women’s Association, Angela Yali explained that the training was organised based on the need for school uniforms for Catholic agency schools in the province.

Catholic Safe House Association Launched

She had a choice between locking up her husband at the police station and seeking help from the Safe House. She chose the latter and the help she received was life transforming.

Magdalene gave her testimony together with her husband on the day of launching the Catholic Safe House Association in Madang recently.  

Catholic Safe Houses Association is a ministry of the church that formalized the age-old charitable deeds of the Catholic Church including providing safe haven for survivors of violence in PNG.

CC 3rd General Assembly welcome in Mingende

The General Assembly has as its theme ‘Salt and Light,’ and was facilitated by Fr Victor Roche svd, New Evangelization Secretary of the Catholic Bishops Conference of PNGSI. It was held on Thursday 21st April 2022.

Mingende’s atmosphere was filled with much anticipation as hundreds of people from surrounding parishes both flocked in to witness the arrival of delegates for the General Assembly.

Former Pope Benedict failed to act over abuse, new report finds

Pope Benedict, then called Josef Ratzinger, held the position from 1977 to 1982. He has denied the accusations.

But a new report into historical abuse allegations carried out by a German law firm incriminated the former pontiff.

Abuse continued under his tenure, it is alleged, and the accused priests remained active in church roles.

The former pope, now aged 94, became the first Church leader to resign in more than 600 years in 2013, citing exhaustion. Since then, he has led a largely quiet life in the Vatican City and is known as pope emeritus.

Catholic Church A Strategic Partner

He said this during a recent financial contribution to the building of a new technical institute for girls under the Salesian Daughters of May Help of Christians sisters in Port Moresby.

Governor Parkop was all praises for the Salesian Missionaries of Don Bosco and the Catholic Church for the contribution to education in the country.

“The Catholic Church is a strategic partner especially in education,” he said.

He made particular mention of Don Bosco Technical Secondary school, DBTI and Caritas Technical Secondary for Girls.

Pope lifts 'pontifical secret' rule in sex abuse cases

The Church previously shrouded sexual abuse cases in secrecy, in what it said was an effort to protect the privacy of victims and reputations of the accused.

But new papal documents on Tuesday lifted restrictions on those who report abuse or say they have been victims.

Church leaders called for the rule's abolition at a February Vatican summit.

They said the lifting of the rule in such cases would improve transparency and the ability of the police and other civil legal authorities to request information from the Church.

Catholic Church’s stance against Govt’s slush fund

The Church says parliamentarians are abusing the constituency development funds, thus not only wasting public funds but also breeding chaos and corruption at all levels.

The Catholic Bishops Conference of PNG and Solomon Islands first raised this concern in 2011 and yesterday renewed their stance, calling on the government to reverse this practice.

Bishop Rochus Tatamai, the President of CBC PNG and SI, said the slush funds are being used by MPs for personal wealth and gain, therefore defeating its purpose.

Church neutral on Referendum: Bishop

Bishop Bernard was speaking to members of the Our Lady of Assumption Parish Congregation at Hahela on Sunday.

He said it was crucial for a peaceful post referendum transition period.

“We’ll not tell you to vote for independence or vote for autonomy. We’ll only support whatever the outcome is – independence or autonomy,” he told the congregation.

He further said as the Bishop, he will not let his church get involved in politics as it was the work of the government.

Bishop of Vanimo ordained

Bishop Francis Meli has chosen Justitia et Veritas – Justice and Truth as his Episcopal motto. 

His Excellency, Archbishop Kurian Mathew Vayalunkal, Apostolic Nuncio Papua New Guinea and Solomon Islands, was the Principal Ordaining Bishop. 

The Assisting Bishops were Archbishop Francisco Panfilo, SDB and Bishop Cesare Bonivento, PIME.  Cardinal John Ribat, Archbishop of Port Moresby, 15 bishops of Papua New Guinea and Solomon Islands, priests, religious and faithful were part of the celebrations.