Casino Deal Concerning

It has been reported by the media that the NGCB and the Paga Hill Development Corporation (PHDC) signed an MOU to build a casino which, in its first phase of development, will cost at least K150 million.

“In signing this agreement, the State through the NGCB is seriously undermining its independence as the industry regulator. Regulators like the NGCB have the important role to uphold and maintain the probity and the integrity of operators in the gaming sector and of individuals involved in the sector,” said Chair of the TIPNG Board, Peter Aitsi, in a media statement.

NGCB gambling awareness

NGCB Chairman, Clemence Kanau said this following its recent announcement to partner with the Paga Hill development to build a multi-million kina Casino project.

While research have shown that some families in the country are being torn apart due to gambling addictions by their parents, the Government has given the all clear to a company to begin development on a Casino project.

The Casino project is being realized as an avenue to attract greater tourism and economic development.


Casino Will Create Jobs: Kanau

He was speaking during the signing between NGCB and casino developer, Paga Hill Development to build a casino in Port Moresby.    

“Local and international tourists will be here to play casino and of course create direct and indirect employment. Between one and two thousand would be employed including taxi drivers will drive people up to the casino and those in the SME sector will also participate,” said Mr Kanau.

The casino named the ‘Pacific Pearl’, is plan to start operation in 2023 and Port Moresby is expected to see an influx of tourists.