Case dismissed

Three discharged of armed robbery allegations

This comes after their lawyer asked the court to stop the trial half way and discharge them in the ground the prosecution team did not produce enough evidence against them in the trial.

Anasi Apak of Lufa, Eastern Highlands, Robin Badui Jnr of Dagua, East Sepik, and Kimugo Komafe of Kainantu, Eastern Highlands Province all pleaded not guilty to armed robbery on August 16.

A trial commenced on the armed robbery that allegedly took place at 8am on 24 August 2015, at Lakatoi place, East Boroko.

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Kua successfully retains seat!

Kerenga Kua has successfully retained his seat as MP for Sinasina-Yongumugl in Chimbu Province.


First from Enga to be declared

John Pundari was the first Member to be declared winner in Enga Province for the Kompiam-Ambum Open seat on Thursday afternoon.

Case against Pindipia thrown out

Pindipia appeared before Justice Panuel Mogish today for mention where the matter was dismissed after the State filed a formal notice (nolle prosequi) that it will no longer pursue the matter.

Two main witnesses the State intended to rely on their statements in the trial did not want to come before the court.

Justice Mogish quashed the indictment or charge against Pindipia and dismissed his case on Tuesday after it was scheduled to go for trial.

He said this case reflects back on police and how they arrest accused persons without even collecting enough evidence.

PX pilots termination “not reviewable”

Justice Collin Makail today dismissed the review and also discharged the stay order which was issued on Oct 7, 2016 against their termination.

On Oct 7, the National Court stayed the pilots’ termination when it allowed their case to go through for judicial review.

The judicial review was filed by Captains Joseph Kumasi, Vincent Tongia, Norman Daniel, Boris Ageda, Benjamin Lopa, and first officers Elijah Yuangi, David Seken and Abel Kanego.

They were terminated by the Air Niugini management between Sept 1-15,2016  over allegations of misconduct.

Abuse of process sees case dismissed

The court also raised issues on the abuse of police officers in arresting suspects without according their rights to silence.

The case stems from a fight that took place over a road block at the ATS settlement on Dec 23 last year which saw four men arrested and charged with the unlawful assault of a man.

Magistrate Laura Kuvi this week dismissed the case against 59-year-old Leo Pami from Komo, 27-year-old Koli Hangana from Koroba, 23-year-old Larry Wai and 23-year-old Samson Punga also from Komo Hela Province.

District court throws out Tapo’s case

Tapo, from Sohoneriu village in Lorengau, Manus, was alleged to have misappropriated K1,208,883.21 between June and December 2012, by abusing his authority to raise cheque payments.

Police allege that Tapo paid to the managing director of Yumi Yet Construction Ltd those monies for the purpose of building, maintenance and renovation of classrooms and teachers’ houses in NCD schools.

This allegedly took place after he was appointed chairman of a working committee that was formed to assist NCD education services on contractors’ outstanding payments.

Misappropriation case against Kila-Pat dismissed

The case was listed for a trial to commence today (Nov 7) before Deputy Chief Justice, Sir Gibbs Salika however the State said it will not prosecute the matter as it does not have enough evidence against Kila-Pat and his two co-accused; Simeon Andrew and Vavine Walo.

Andrew was the Department of Lands and Physical Planning’s Corporate Director while Walo was the Manager of Finance and Budget when they were arrested last year and charged with Kila-Pat for misappropriation.

Pastor’s false pretense case dismissed

Deputy Chief Justice Sir Gibbs Salika in dismissing the case said it was a waste of the court’s time as Pastor Nou Mase, from Pari village had legal title as the owner of the customary land.

A trial was conducted today with the complainant, William Gari and his wife, Louisa giving evidence in court against Mase.

Court dismisses Asylum seekers cases

A three-judge Supreme Court Bench consisting of Justices Goodwin Poole, David Cannings and Hitelai Polume-Kiele dismissed the two proceedings due to technical issues that the Asylum Seekers lawyer, Ben Lomai did not comply with.

Justices Goodwin Poole and Hitelai Polume-Kiele allowed an application that was moved this morning by Lawyer representing the Minister for Foreign Affairs and Immigration Rimbink Pato and the Chief Migration Officer, Mataio Rabura to dismiss the case.

Case against Justice Sakora dismissed

Magistrate John Kaumi handed down a ruling on an application that was moved by Sir Bernard’s lawyer Loani Henao, asking the court to dismiss the case.

The Committal Court found it does not have jurisdiction to prosecute or commence a criminal proceeding against Sir Bernard, who occupies a judicial office because certain laws were not complied with.