Caribbean and Pacific (ACP)

ACP needs to think globally: Prime Minister

O’Neill is the president of the 79 ACP member states and chaired the 8th Summit in Port Moresby last week. 

He said the development needs of many ACP member states differ because some are developing countries while others are least-developed. 

“Finding common ground is difficult,” O’Neill said.

He added that leaders agreed to restructure the ACP Secretariat so it will be effective and also encourage more trade between member states.

SDGs to top agenda in ACP meet

Some of the representatives and government heads of the 79 ACP member states started arriving yesterday.

Prime Minister Peter O’Neill told media this afternoon that “Eminent persons’ report on how ACP nations can achieve United Nations SDGs goals and, how member nations can solve challenges, will be discussed.”  

The confident prime minister said he knows PNG can deliver on the world stage by hosting this conference.

“We will be able to to deliver a first class conference, this is the beginning of many to come,” O’Neill stated.

Preparation for hosting of ACP meet on track

The Chairman of the ACP Ambassadorial Working Group in Brussels and Papua New Guinea’s Ambassador to Belgium and the European Union Joshua Kalinoe said he is satisfied with the arrangements put in place by the National Organising Committee (NOC).

“Since I arrived in Port Moresby last week, I have attended coordination briefing sessions of the NOC jointly chaired by the Department of Foreign Affairs and the APEC Authority. I am satisfied that the National Organising Committee has done an excellent job to date in respect to logistics, policy and security.