Cambodia charges foreigners with making pornographic images

They were arrested on Thursday after images emerged of people appearing to imitate sex acts at a party in a villa in Siem Reap in the north-west.

If convicted, they could face up to a year in prison.

Also among those arrested are citizens of Canada, New Zealand, the Netherlands and Norway, reports say.

However several people in the pictures from the party do not appear among those held, reports say.

Britain's Foreign Office said it was providing assistance to the arrested UK nationals.

US to sanction visas for citizens of four countries

The new policies, laid out in US State Department cables sent on Tuesday, are the latest example of President Donald Trump's effort to crack down on immigrants who are in the country illegally.

In each case, there are exceptions for those who apply for visas from outside their countries, as well as exceptions on humanitarian grounds or for travel "deemed in the interest of the United States".

The new rules, which go into effect on Wednesday, do not affect visas that have already been granted.

BSP to open branch in Cambodia

This was revealed today during the announcing of the final dividend to shareholders for 2016 today.

The decision to enter Cambodia was settled on May 2nd this year.

BSP owns 50 per cent of an asset finance company called RMA Finance, which is now in the process of being rebranded to BSP Finance Cambodia Proprietary Limited.

“It’s already operating. We now own 50 per cent and the formal rebranding, hopefully by the end of July we’ll have the BSP colours proudly in Cambodia,” said BSP CEO Robin Fleming.

Cambodia breast milk: The debate over mothers selling milk

But the case has raised questions about whether these women have been exploited, or empowered, by this enterprise.

What happened in Cambodia?

For the past two years, dozens of women have been supplying their excess breast milk to a company called Ambrosia Labs.

The company has been processing and selling the milk in the US. It was marketed at US mothers who have problems producing milk for their babies.

On Tuesday, Cambodia imposed an immediate ban on breast milk exports, effectively ending the business.

Cambodia MPs back law barring PM Hun Sen's long-time rival

Sam Rainsy now lives in exile due to what he says is a politically motivated defamation conviction.

The amended legislation bars political leaders with convictions from running for office.

It also allows the Supreme Court to dissolve political parties whose leaders have criminal convictions.

Mr Rainsy stepped down from the helm of his opposition Cambodia National Rescue Party (CNRP) this month ahead of the changes, saying he wanted to protect the party.

Angelina Jolie on Cambodia, politics and a 'difficult year'

The actress was speaking exclusively to the BBC before the screening of First They Killed My Father, a true-life account of the Khmer Rouge genocide through the eyes of a child.

She said she hoped the film, which she directed, would help Cambodians to speak more openly about the trauma of the period.

Two million people died.

Jolie, now a UN refugee agency special envoy, first visited Cambodia for the filming of 2001 hit Lara Croft: Tomb Raider.

She later adopted Maddox, her oldest son, from Cambodia.

Wife of murdered Cambodian activist to seek asylum in Australia

Bou Rachana says she no longer feels safe in Cambodia since her husband's death, and wants to move her family to Australia for protection.

She has four young sons and is five months pregnant with a fifth child.

She plans to lodge a formal application for asylum with the Australian embassy in Phnom Penh as soon as she has finished with funeral arrangements and a period of mourning.