Calextus Simeon

Digicel Foundation rewards school with new library

Bisiatabu Primary School was one of 14 primary schools in the Central Province to benefit from a Digicel PNG Foundation funded double classroom project, back in 2014.

On Wednesday, Digicel PNG Foundation launched the Bisiatbau Library Reward infrastructure project as the school and community showed good governance and community ownership of the classroom investment that was built back in 2014.

Representing the Digicel PNG Foundation, Calextus Simeon challenged the students by reading the books that are being provided in the new library.

Yu Em Khax enters semis

Show producer Ailynn Sokot says there will be two semi-finals.

The first to go on air this Saturday, January 14, on TVWAN Life Channel will feature 9 contestants. The other 9 will be featured in the second semi-finals, a week after.

Sokot says the same judge panel will be judging but this time, according to head judge Calextus Simeon, the judging will be a lot tougher.

“The judges would like to see the contestants elevate each performance in the semi-finals. We heard from the contestants that there will be a few surprises,” he said.

Lae talents up close

Jack Spade will shine the light on this newest show on the TVWAN Life channel, bringing a class of his own, as super judge Calextus Simeon describes.

“So far, if we have to put all our contestants together, he’s actually at the moment leading,” Simeon said, referring to Jack Spade.

He acknowledged the skills put into play by the aspiring magician, who is focused on being the one unique talent in PNG.

Mt Hagen to be a surprise for Yu Em Khax auditions

But unlike other centres, the Mount Hagen talent is unpredictable for the judges and is expected to surprise them.

 Loop PNG got to talk with the super judge of the Yu Em Khax show, Calextus Simeon:

“The Mt Hagen auditions is one that is hard to predict, frankly speaking, because I don’t know what kind of talent to expect.

“We know that up in the highlands, they may have some surprising package for us.”

“I would like to see talents from the Highlands because one of the things we are lacking are talents from that region.