Business Coalition for Women (BCFW)

Nasfund and BCfW collaborate to empower women

The collaboration, endorsed by both organizations, stems from the shared commitment to address the barriers women face in accessing retirement funds and maximizing their benefits. Despite strides in gender equality, women encounter challenges such as policy constraints, organizational barriers, and limited financial literacy.

Corporate initiatives combat violence, drive prosperity

Over two years, the collaboration assessed how corporate responses impact employee well-being, culminating in a game-changing report.

Research focusing on three major PNG companies revealed a remarkable decline in violence experienced by women over their lifetimes and the past year.

Notably, women in management positions remained an exception, shedding light on a need for tailored approaches.

Firms, govt gather for FSV forum

Facilitated by the Business Coalition for Women, the one-day program brought together member companies and government representatives who discussed referral pathways and services that are available for survivors.

The FSV forum aimed to showcase the existing referral pathways and services available to member companies of the Business Coalition for Women, as well as support the outcomes of the 2020 gender-based violence summit.

Panelists at the discussion included Lae MP, John Rosso, and BSP CEO, Robin Fleming.

Groundbreaking study on workplace responses to GBV

The groundbreaking project, launched this month, aims to build evidence demonstrating the benefits to business of providing coordinated and comprehensive responses for employees affected by family and sexual violence.

Firms join fight against FSV

This was revealed by Business Coalition for Women (BCFW) chairperson, Lesieli Moala Taviri, during the signing of the memorandum of understanding (MOU) for businesses to collaborate on a public-private based FSV seif haus and case management centre.

Lesieli said according to findings from a feasibility study conducted last year, the financial impact of FSV on business operations ran into the thousands of kina, and even millions.

Women’s coalition steps in to address FSV


This common issue reduces productivity, increases absenteeism and increases costs associated with employee turnover and security.

And again, women are more often the victims.

Because of this, the Business Coalition for Women (BCFW) has stepped in to help businesses address this issue.

Lesieli Taviri, chairperson of BCFW and CEO of PNG Origin, was part of a panel to discuss on FSV. This eventuated during a newly-introduced live question and answer program, aired by TVWan, last Wednesday.