First Bundi eco-tourism product to be launched

The Snow Pass mountain cabin is located at mid-point between the majestic Ramu plains and the lofty ridges of Mt. Wilhelm. It is a major transition point for migrating birds passing up and down.

The cabin is settled at 2,200m on a ridge top bordering three provinces, namely Eastern Highlands, Chimbu and Jiwaka.

The eco-lodge specialises in offering eco-tourism products and services such as trekking, bird watching, star gazing, culture and the rich flora and faunas.

Ramu sugar town to host 9s competition

According to the coordinator, Andrew Sam, the initiative is to promote sports for men and women of Usino, Bundi and Gama LLG of Usino-Bundi district of Madang.

The competition is sponsored by Tamane Lodge, which is a tourism entity owned by local businessman from Usino-Bundi district, Edward Kiza.

Sam added that the Christmas competition is aimed at establishing friendship, networking and build stronger relationships within the community.

Sam clarified that the nines competition aims to achieve the following objectives:

Kids receive wheelchairs following rural outreach program

The two youngsters, 13-year-old Steven Aika and 5-year-old Frenjenny Yoga, are from Yandera Village in Bundi.

Cerebral palsy is a group of permanent movement disorders that appear in early childhood caused by abnormal development or damage to the parts of the brain that control movement, balance and posture.

The boys have never been in a wheelchair, only been carried around to places by family members.

The wheelchairs came as a surprise for their families.

Over 2,000 people participate in violence workshop

Participants came from all over the rural Bundi area including Usino and Chimbu Province.

The workshop was organised by Vincent Kumura, who does community work and was awarded the 2016 Digicel PNG Foundation Men of Honour Community Ingenuity Award.

The workshop was aimed at building a better, progressive and violent free Bundi with the theme “Yes We Can! Building a better, progressive and violent free Bundi tomorrow”.

Violence and lawlessness were norms for Bundi over the last decade which Kumura believes are results of the Marengo Mining exploration boom.

Rural Bundi patients get much-needed help

The patients received medical check-up by the six member medical team from Kundiawa Hospital on October 11-17 at Yandera, Upper Bundi.

Among the patients were two 50-year-olds, one with stage four cervical cancer and the other with chronic Henson disease, who suffered severe abdominal pains and renal issues for six years.

The cancer patient was referred by the visiting medical team for urgent treatment and blood transfusion at the Kundiawa Hospital.

A four-year-old female patient with chronic productive cough was also among the five patients being airlifted.

School thanks mining company for airlifting exam papers

The school successfully completed the Grade 8 national examinations this week.

ERA Resources airlifted the exam papers to Yandera, a remote village at the foothills of Mt. Wilhelm in Bundi.

Headmaster of Yandera Primary, Raymond Sagolo said the school is a zone four disadvantaged school and thanked the mining company for the assistance.

Sagolo said getting to Madang town for any administration matters including picking up exam papers is very risky and has always been a very difficult challenge over the years.

Bundi people to receive free medical eye glasses

The glasses will be donated to eye patients for free by Community impact projects director Vincent Kumura this week.

The Men of Honour and the Community Ingenuity Award Winner will continue his community work in the rural areas and will be distributing the glasses during a health outreach program.

The outreach program will be carried out from Oct 10-12 at Snow Pass in Bundi.

The glasses were sent by Dr. Marc Richmond of California and were donated by individuals and organizations in the United States.

400 rural people to benefit from outreach health program

The outreach program will be carried out from October 10-12 at Snow Pass in Bundi.

The program will involve four specialist doctors and a nurse from Kundiawa General Hospital’s Rural Outreach Program (ROP), a nurse from Bundi Health Centre and the Snow Pass Medical Dispensary (SPMD).

The medical team will be treating patients with tuberculosis, bone diseases, vision problems, anti-natal and sick children and adults.