Bundi Komba Festival

Bundi Komba Festival launched

Over 4,000 people attended from all over Bundi and Simbu where 19 diverse cultural groups were featured.

Komba (pandanus conoideus) is a rare food culture of Bundi. This food culture will now be an officially registered and recognised festival in PNG.

The festival is an initiative of the Kumura Foundation under their ‘Sustainable Development focus’.

The CEO of National Cultural Commission, Steven Enomb Kilanda, donated K10,000 to Kumura Foundation to support the event.

Road needs fixing: Organisation

The unique Bundi Komba Festival will feature exotic cultures such as the Bundi Butterfly Dancers and Wanamo Dog Dancers. However, the road conditions have proven to be quite a challenge. Hence a call for assistance has been made to local authorities.

On October 31, the Kumura Foundation executive team travelled to the remote Bongonogoi village of Emigari, Bundi, to meet with locals and get an update of the ground preparations for the 2020 Bundi Komba Festival, which will be on the first week of April.