Buimo mass breakout 2017

​Buimo investigation team awaits funds

Correctional Service Commissioner Michael Waipo said the team is ready and will head to Lae once funds are made available.

The team will be led by the deputy for cooperate affair as well as the facility operations officer.

Waipo gave the assurance that police are still working around the clock to catch the loose criminals.

Meanwhile, over 500 CS officers will soon be deployed nationwide after the launch of election security operations in Mt Hagen a week ago.

​CS team will investigate jail breakout

A statement released by the Acting Commissioner, Denis Piandi, states that the breakout, resulting in the escape of the prisoners and the death of 17, was unfortunate.

“Preventative measures must be taken to restore stability in Buimo to stop more prisoners from escaping.”

He adds that Buimo is continuously overcrowded with 900-plus detainees, 400 more than its normal holding capacity. This places a strain on the infrastructure and manpower.

“Most of these inmates are remandees awaiting trial for various offences.”

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