Basil reconciles with PM

Basil apologised for defecting to the Opposition in November last year.

PM Marape was in Morobe Province on Friday to launch some of Bulolo district’s projects.

Senior Cabinet ministers and the Prime Minister had a fully-booked schedule from 10am at the North Coast Aviation hangar at Nadzab to the launching of various projects in Wau.

As the sun’s rays started fading from the mountain tops of Buang Rural LLG, marked with a significant drop in temperature, the welcoming sound of a chopper’s blades could be heard in the distance.

Buang elementary to reach primary status

Governor Saonu made the commitment to support the upgrade of the school during the ground-breaking ceremony on Saturday 01st February.

Saonu said he will work closely with the Bulolo District Authority and LLG Leaders of Buang to ensure Bapa Primary School is ready for students to attend this year and onwards.

Landowners have already identified and approved the land for the school, and the funding will come from the provincial budget.

Saonu said there will be two more schools to be elevated this year – one at Nawaeb and the other at Finschhafen district.