From College to BSP CEO - Fleming

Originally, from Australia, Robin is a devout man in a deeply Christian country of which he has become a citizen. He lives in PNG with his wife Dora, and three children Cassandra, Liam and Joshua.

The Queensland-born is known by his trademark handlebar moustache and mullet hairstyle, but says less about him than it does about PNG’s business community.

He is known by many on the streets of PNG as the “Bossman Bilong Hausmoni” which simply means the “Bank Boss”.

BSP eyes Laos

BSP CEO, Robin Fleming, says Laos is being considered as part of its expansion adjacent to its current position in Cambodia.

Fleming recently spoke to Loop PNG on BSP’s service expansion plans for 2018.

He said for BSP Finance, they will focus on its expansion in Asia.

“The BSP Finance now that we’ve opened in Fiji, Solomon, NG and Cambodia, the other markets are possibly not quite as large to require a wholly independent BSP finance joint venture.