Policeman arrested over bribery claims

Senior Sergeant Terry, the Officer in Charge of the Gordon’s Minor Crimes Unit, is currently heading an investigation into a suspected human trafficking, uttering of government documents and other related transnational crimes, including a suspected visa and passport racketeering.

Foreigner arrested for allegedly attempting to bribe police

The suspect, namely Zhiyuan Cui, also known as Aaron, of Shandon Province, China, and managing director of A & D Consultancy Limited, allegedly offered K10,000 cash to the Officer in Charge of the Gordon’s Police Station minor crimes unit in the National Capital District, Senior Sergeant Apollos Terry.

Police alleged that the bribe was offered as an inducement for police to stop the ongoing investigation and to release confiscated documents and items back to Zhiyuan’s custody.

ENB man charged with bribery

Provincial police commander, Joseph Tabali, told Loop PNG that the local was caught bribing residents to vote for his candidate.

“The culprit was escorted to the mainland Kokopo Police Station on Sunday with ballot boxes,” says the PPC.

“This was a first-of-its-kind incident for the province.”

Apart from the arrest, no major happenings have been reported.

Meanwhile, Tabali says polling ended on Saturday (July 1) for the Gazelle and Rabaul electorates, while Kokopo and Pomio on Monday.

TIPNG: MPs must follow anti-bribery laws

Chairman of TIPNG, Lawrence Stephens, said Sections 61 and 62 of the Criminal Code Act 1974 clearly outlines that bribery of Members of Parliament involves, “attempts, directly or indirectly, by fraud, threats or intimidation of any kind, to influence a member of the Parliament in his vote, opinion, judgement or action on any such question or matter, or to induce him to so absent himself”.

“Our Members and each of us must be urgently reminded of the provisions pertaining to Bribery within the Act.

Court: Investigators did not receive bribe

Magistrate Cosmas Bidar found that the money received by investigating officers was for their travel allowance and not a bribe to investigate the defendants.

Bidar in giving his ruling into an application filed by Kila-Pat and his co-accuseds, said the two (investigating officer and the police prosecutor) had received K6,000 each as part of their travel allowance to provide assistance to the Lands and Physical Planning Department carry out a land verification exercise.

Election bribery reports a concern to Vanuatu NGO

TI Vanuatu's chairman, Dr Willie Tokon, said he had received about a dozen reports, including some landowners who threatened to shut down a school if people didn't vote for a particular candidate.

He said the alleged incidents were largely in rural areas, away from those polling stations manned by international observers.

"These reports are coming from Banks and Torres in the north, Ambae, Pentecost, and Ambrym - all the rural areas. Vila and Santo were pretty clean because we had these international monitors here, but these reports are coming mainly from the islands."