Brian Kramer

Kramer guilty of seven allegations

Kramer was found guilty of; 

1. Scandalizing the Judiciary by posting articles on his Facebook account insinuating a conflict of 
interest by Chief Justice Sir Gibbs Salika.

2. Scandalizing the Judiciary by posting articles on Facebook accusing MP Peter O’Neil and his 
lawyers for filing fake warrant of arrest. 

3. Allowing an associate company, Tolo Enterprise Limited to benefit through consultancy services 
to Madang DDA

The Alliance wants all generations involved

Political party member, Brian Kramer, explained that the former PNG Constitutional Democratic Party will change the way political parties are run in PNG and have its members dictate its decisions.

Member for Madang, Kramer, is the driving force behind this party.

But he explains that unlike other political parties, The Alliance will not let the political head run or take advantage of the party; it will be solely controlled by its members.