Brian Alois

Works Minister challenged to provide evidence

It was reported that Alois, senior engineer in the Momase Region, was suspended after making a presentation, at the invitation of the National Planning Minister, on the economics of building roads in PNG.

Participants at the National Planning Summit, including the Secretary for Works, heard Alois provide details of the spiraling costs of each kilometre of road construction.

Engineers call for reinstatement of President

IEPNG Deputy President, Ms Finkewe Zurenuoc, made this call yesterday on behalf of the more than 3,000 members of the Institution.

Ms Zurenuoc said the response from Works and Implementation Minister Michael Nali in Parliament yesterday was not true.

She explained the actual amount Alois was referring to was a figure used in 2004 to build a road in a rural area.

She said the suspension was suspicious as Alois has revealed secrets of overpricing of road works in the country.

“Mr Alois has revealed the truth and that’s the reason why he was suspended.

VIDEO: Nali explains suspension

The suspension of the President PNG Institute of Engineers Brian Alois was questioned in Parliament today.

Works Minister explains suspension

Maprik MP, John Simon raised this issue asking the Works Minister Michael Nali to explain his suspension.

Mr Simon said Alois was suspended because of revealing the truth at the recent National Planning Consultative Summit in Lae.

He added that Alois in a presentation revealed that high cost of money have been given to contractors for doing maintenance roads in Lae, Morobe Province.

“Can the Minister for Works explain and tell this Parliament why such qualified engineer is being suspended and for what reasons?”