Brazil Olympics

Neymar is a monster - Brazil coach Micale

Brazil coach Rogerio Micale wants to understand how Neymar became "a monster" in order for the country to develop more players like him.

Neymar inspired Brazil's 6-0 win over Honduras on Wednesday, sending them into Saturday's gold medal match in emphatic fashion.

10 best places to travel in South America after the Olympics

Yet for a lucky few, the quandary remains: Where to go to relax and recover after the marvelous mayhem of the Brazil Olympics?

You're already in South America, so it makes sense to stay "local."

But narrowing your field of focus won't put much of a dent in your options; South America is nothing if not varied.

From sipping a huge glass of Malbec to roaming the world's highest capital city, here's the lowdown on 10 top spots to explore after the Olympics.

The vineyard: Mendoza, Argentina