Bougainville Refinery Limited (BRL)

ABG satisfied with refinery deal

Toroama made this statement during the recent signing of a shareholders agreement with the Bougainville Refinery Limited (BRL) in Buka.

Toroama stressed that BRL is one project that will highlight and give assurance to investors coming into Bougainville, adding that under the 60/40 arrangement, 40 percent for the government and its people will be broken further to drive independence aspirations and also to set up a sovereign wealth fund.

ABG enters deal with refinery

Described as a historical moment signaling a new era of economic growth and mutual benefit for both parties, this milestone marks the commencement of a significant partnership, one that aims to bring about transformative change to the socioeconomic landscape of Bougainville.

Vice President and Minister responsible for Commerce, Trade, Industry and Economic Development, Patrick Nisira, thanked the BRL for taking the risk in investing in Bougainville.