Boregaina village

Local Tournament Hosts Grand Final

Boregaina Netball Association organizer, Cecilia Gadi said it was great to see young women and girls come together to celebrate their netball grand final with great support shown from the community and corporate

She said: “Because we are far away from the city, we try our best to host or play our own village competition to keep our mothers and girls busy, especially on the weekend. To see them                                                                                                                                          take part in the grand final was great.”

Dabaris Scout For Talent

As a new established franchise, Dabaris FC team manager, Tau Kila said their visit to Boregaina was to identify and scout potential soccer talents.

He said having witnessed the grand final match, there were some potential talents that can make it into the Dabaris FC team next year.

Kila said: “I am glad we made our way to Boregaina village, and I have seen some talented soccer players. We will continue to search for more players in the province and hopefully come up with the best team for 2022 NSL season.”