Bomana jail

Bomana to start producing own food

Last August the National Court ruled in a human rights proceeding that a prisoner had the right to be provided food to maintain their wellbeing and be served a balanced meal.

The PNG Justice Services and Stability for Development program, or JSS4D, has assisted the Bomana jail management with K50,000 worth of materials that will get its agriculture project underway.   

Convict dies at Bomana

Jail Commander, Superintendent Haraha Kiddy Keko, has confirmed the passing of Abraham Maken.

The late Maken was convicted on February 23 over the murder of Wilfred Langu on July 15, 2015, after a drunken brawl at Taurama.

Commander Keko said the prisoner had TB and was on medication till his passing.

“He had some fracture when he was young but medical also revealed he had TB. So he was also treated for TB until he passed away.  

“He’s still in our custody because we need to sort out his casket. That will be our responsibility,” Keko said.

Asylum seekers face deportation

They are currently kept at a separate facility at the Bomana jail.

The men from Bangladesh; Jashim Jashim, Hossain Mhamman Mobarak and Rahman Siddiqur today appeared before the court however, their urgent application could not proceed further to hearing because an interpreter was needed. 

Justice Jim Wala Tamata issued directions for lawyers from the Public Solicitor’s Office to assist the three with their cases and provide legal aid to the applicants.

He said the application is urgent and needs to be dealt with quickly.

Court: Prisoners have right to balanced meals

The court found that detainees at Bomana are being provided the same food, day in, day out, consisting only of protein and staples.

It is a requirement under the section 123 of the Correctional Service Act, for prisoners and detainees at the facilities, to be fed food from the five food groups of staples, protein, fruit, vegetable and dairy. 

However what is typically served at Bomana, as provided in evidence before the Waigani National Court, is a black tea and navy biscuit for breakfast, rice and either tinned fish or meat for lunch and dinner.

Rapists get 26 years each for pack-rape

Lolo Bellamy (26) of Baidoka village, Bulubulu district in the Milne bay Province, Dobai Haro (29) and Douba Kapina (32), both from of Morea village, Ihu district in the Gulf Province were convicted on July 8, 2016 on four counts of aggravated rape.

 Justice Panuel Mogish at the Waigani National Court sentenced the trio to 26 years in prison each for what he described as the worst ever rape incident where the men who were known to the victim acted in a breach of trust.

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Govts of past faìled on PNG's roads: report

Papua New Guinea is the only country in the world where the two largest cities are on the same land mass but not connected by road.

Money not an excuse in prison failing: Judge

Money not an excuse in prison failing: Judge

In what will be a first of its kind in the country, Justice Mogish ordered the repatriation of these forgotten people.

He told the officials from the Correctional Service including the finance director that the repatriation exercise must go ahead before November 30 this year.

“An issue of money is not an excuse, we just need to find the money and send them back,” the judge said.

He warned them that Correctional Service Commissioner Michael Waipo will be held in contempt of court if one of the detainees listed for repatriation is not taken home.