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No funds dispensed

He said the plans for the pillar have been discussed for the last two-three years, and project efforts will be led by the Council of Churches and the Body of Christ.

The National Unity Pillar will be constructed under a five-year-program and will stand directly opposite the Parliament House along the Waigani Drive.

Prime Minister announced plans for the 200-meter high structure, on the eve of National Prayer Day.

K5mil National Unity Pillar

The 200-meter tall National unity Pillar will be an iconic symbol that embodies the many tribes of our Christian country.

Prime Minister Marape made the announcement on the eve of the National Prayer Day. The building will be constructed along the Waigani Drive, facing the Parliament House.

He said it is a site of national significance and has been approved by the Government where the Council of Churches and the Body of Christ will take carriage of the project.

Prayer theme for 2020

Pastor Hewali said this is the churches’ contribution to the vision of Prime Minister James Marape’s ‘Take Back PNG’.

The Body of Christ church leaders met this week in Port Moresby to strategise on the spiritual dimension supporting the call by Prime Minister Marape to take back PNG.

With the call to the nation for a ‘7 day prayer and fasting’ starting Wednesday 15th January, the prayer coordinator said: “Family is the core of individual life; core of a nation.

Best PNG commodity to export: Church leader

Prayer coordinator for the Body of Christ members, Pastor Daniel Hewali, made this statement in a press conference in which a 7-day prayer and fasting call was made to the nation. 

“The commodity that we are going to export out of this nation is going to be none other than the ‘glory of God’, the Gospel,” Ps Hewali stated.

“Taking from the end of the world to where it begins, Israel, that’s the blueprint God has for this nation.”

Weeklong prayer program declared

The declaration is to pray for the people of PNG as well as the international community.

With the ongoing issues in PNG and around the globe, the BOC urged everyone to join them in a seven-day program to pray for the Australian bushfires, the conflict between the Middle East and the US and to bless PNG in 2020 and the years ahead.

Pastor of Christian Apostle Fellowship and Member of the BOC, Pastor Matthew Tapus, said the importance of this prayer is to heal nations that are facing serious issues.

Churches back PM’s vision

The Body of Christ church leaders took advantage of the attendance of Prime Minister Marape on the day of Prayer and Repentance on August 26th to present some of their needs in a petition as well as air their views.

Representing the Body of Christ church leaders was chairman Reverend Joseph Walters, who made some remarks before presenting the six petitions to the Prime Minister.

Govt urged to clarify stance on Israel

This follows the former Foreign Affairs Minister’s voting against Israel on whether or not Jerusalem should be recognised as its capital.

Papua New Guinea was one of the 128 United Nations Member countries who voted to reject the United States’ move to recognise Jerusalem as the capital of Israel. A vote taken during an emergency meeting on 21 December 2017.

PNG was represented by former Foreign Affairs Minister, Rimbink Pato, whose decision did not go down well with many Christians.

Concerns over repentance day participation

Since 2011, August 26 has been gazetted a National Day for Prayer however, over the years, the day has been seen as another ordinary public holiday, says Body of Christ chairman, Rev. Joseph Walters.

The lack of coordination with churches by the Events Council and Political Leaders to support activities on the gazetted National Repentance Day has become a concern for church leaders, in particular those that make up the Body of Christ in PNG.

“When it comes to Repentance Day, you hardly see our leaders getting involved,” said Rev Walters.

21-day fast for APEC

They are inviting all Christians in the country to join them, just like what they did for the Pacific Games in 2015.

“The churches realise the enormity of APEC and also welcome other church leaders who will be coming,” Pst. Michael Wilson, Body of Christ Deputy Chairman, said.

“The Body of Christ will be calling a 21-day fast and prayer for APEC that will start on 22 October to 12 November, calling on all Christians to rally behind them and pray for APEC.”

Leaders urged to repent of their sins

The call was made by Reverend Joseph Walters, Body of Christ chairman, in a press conference today.

“2 Chronicles 7.14 says: ‘If my people, who are called by my name, will humble themselves and pray and seek my face and turn from their wicked ways, then I will hear from heaven, and I will forgive their sin and will heal their land.’”

Rev Walters, who was accompanied by other church leaders, says they feel it is timely and important for them to make some appeal to Papua New Guinea’s elected leaders, at a time when a new government is about to be formed.