Blood donation

Oil Search staff donate blood

“I imagined myself lying in hospital in need of blood and there wasn’t a single bag available,” said Ms Kilip, a first-time donor and Oil Search’s Government Affairs Advisor.

“I plan on donating blood again in three months as there are associated health benefits as well.”

Noel Tomdia, a regular blood donor and an Inventory Controller at Oil Search, feels strongly that one should always take the opportunity to save a life when it presents itself. “I have made a pledge to donate blood every time I am able to.”

ANZ drives blood support with K80,000 sponsorship

The issue is directly related to the shortage of blood donations that affect the treatment of many patients each day.

The patients cover everyone from all walks of life and all across PNG. The issue is a large one, but thankfully for PNG, there has been one lady that has taken up the challenge over the past three years to see that this trend change. Her name is Anna Megueria.

Barras roll up their sleeves for health

The Hebou Barramundi’s and Cricket PNG took a shot in the arm this month to ensure all team members keep swinging the bat and taking those classic catches.

The ‘Better Health’ support from PMGH was to ensure the whole of the squad including management at Cricket PNG were covered for Tetanus.

This is a serious disease that many people neglect to think about as part of their overall health regime. The Cricket PNG CEO, Mr. Greg Campbell does not take any risks when it comes to the health of his team and management.

The health benefits of regular blood donation

Want to save a life and reap the health benefits? Donate blood today. 

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