​Samsung S8 gives new meaning to ‘smart’ phone

This is now possible with the launch of Samsung’s new Artificial Intelligence agent Bixby that PNG users can experience on the new Samsung S8.

The Bixby is a new way to help users get more out of their phone and navigate through services and apps with simple voice, touch and text commands.

Users can utilise Bixby’s voice function on several Samsung native apps and features including camera, contacts, gallery, messages and settings.

Galaxy S8 Bixby assistant will be expanded to all Samsung devices

Writing on the company's official blog post, Injong Rhee, Samsung's head of R&D for mobile software and services, claimed the "intelligent interface" will be fundamentally different from other voice agents or assistants.

Any device connected to the internet or that has a voice input will later be able to connect to the interface, he said.